Black Lives Matter founder’s cousin dies after being arrested by police

Black Lives Matter founder’s cousin dies after being arrested by police

Keenan Anderson, the cousin of one of the Black Lives Matter founders, died on January 3 after being arrested by police.

A 31-year-old African-American teacher died on January 3. In a traffic accident in the Venice district of Los Angeles, the man was arrested and arrested by the police. In a video released by the American police on Wednesday January 11th, we understand what happened.

The images revealed are from handheld cameras that the police had at the time of the crime. We see Keenan Anderson yelling “help,” “they’re trying to kill me,” or even “they’re trying to do what George Floyd did to me.” “Police wrestled with Anderson for several minutes, using a taser, body weight, solid grips and arm bars to overcome his resistance,” the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement. Keenan Anderson died of cardiac arrest while being rushed to hospital after being arrested.

“He was killed by the police”: The co-founder of “Black Lives Matter” reacts

Patrisse Cullors posted a photo of Keenan Anderson on her Instagram account, along with a caption. She is a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement and the cousin of Keenan Anderson, who was visiting Los Angeles. As a reminder, African American George Floyd lost his life on May 25, 2020 after being choked to death by a police officer. The case drew a lot of attention in the US and led to a protest movement with the slogan “Black Lives Matter”.

If we see a first shot of Keenan Anderson posing alone in the publication, in the second he is accompanied by his son. “Keenan deserved to live, his child deserved to be raised by his father. Keenan, we will fight for you and for all our loved ones who are victims of state violence,” Patrisse Cullors said after recalling he is the third person to have died in incidents involving police agents.

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