Black Hearts: What is this French song updated by the series?

Black Hearts: What is this French song updated by the series?

While the Cœurs Noirs series is a hit on Prime Video, a French song is brought up to date thanks to the series.

It’s rare for French series to bring both critics and audiences to an agreement, but black hearts seems to be one of them.

French special forces deployed to Iraq on the eve of the Battle of Mosul in October 2016. The members of this Commando 45 are on a mission to find and exfiltrate the daughter and grandson of an important French emir of Daech whom they have captured and who will only cooperate with them on this condition.

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Even if violence is omnipresent in the series, reasons for war oblige, it still manages to spare a few small moments of lightness, even poetry.
In a Season 1 episode, while Group 45 goes on a mission, on the roads of the Iraqi desert, while driving at high speed, its members listen to a very beautiful French song from the 80’s, which finds its strength here and gives that Scene all his poetry.

This song is called ” She’s from somewhere else » Published in 1980 and to which we have to thank Pierre Bachelet signing one of his most beautiful titles. Impossible to hear it on the series not to get excited!

“And I fell into slavery
From that smile, from that face
And I tell him “take me”
And I’m ready for all the dead
To other places, other shores
But she walks by and doesn’t answer
Words are worthless to them
For me she is safe from somewhere else”

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