BL K Dramas Coming in 2023 – Part 2

BL K Dramas Coming in 2023 – Part 2

Korean BL dramas have risen in popularity in recent years, and we’ve been treated to some exceptional dramas.

In that sense, 2023 would be no exception. Here are 7 Korean BL dramas to be released this year.

  1. Why R.U

BL K-Dramas from 2023 - Part 2 K-Selection

It is a Korean remake of the Thai BL drama of the same name. The drama begins with the story of Zon who, after his sister wishes him to live in a BL world, begins imagining that he has fallen into a BL world and ends up developing feelings for Saifah.

Most of the drama, however, revolves around Tutor and Fighter, who initially start out as each other’s sworn enemies but later develop a close relationship.

  1. Heesun in class 2

BL K-Dramas from 2023 - Part 2 K-Selection

The drama is based on a popular webtoon of the same name. The story follows the teenage romance of HeeSu, an ordinary 18-year-old boy, and his neighbor who has a secret.

It turns out there’s a rumor going around at school: “Do you have a love problem? Find Hee Su in Class 2 and he’ll tell you what to do! “. With that, Hee Su suddenly takes center stage. But how can he offer advice to anyone?

  1. bump up business

BL K-Dramas from 2023 - Part 2 K-Selection

Borrowing from the webtoon of the same name, the story revolves around a 5th grade student and soon-to-be idol, Eden and JiHoon, a celebrity from the same agency, and the love affair between these two people who aren’t good at expressing what they are really feel.

  1. June & June

BL K-Dramas from 2023 - Part 2 K-Selection

It’s an office romance between an idol-turned-intern, Lee Jun, and his office manager, Choi Jun.

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The drama is slated to hit theaters in Spring 2023.

  1. love is like a cat

BL K-Dramas from 2023 - Part 2 K-Selection

A new star, Pino, called “Mr. Cat (Cat Prince)” with a cool and reserved image works for “Dog Kindergarten” as a charismatic director.

Starring Dae Byul, Ki Min and Veterinary Hospital Director Jun Hyeok. They experience conflicts and develop friendships through conflicts…

This drama is a Thai-Korean collaboration.

  1. love class 2

BL K-Dramas from 2023 - Part 2 K-Selection

A drama about the romance between two university students. The two main characters attend the same class who team up for a group project.

First of all, the main character has a crush on his pretty girlfriend. However, he is confused about his feelings after spending more time with his male classmate.

  1. Bakery Wuju

BL K-Dramas from 2023 - Part 2 K-Selection

Wuju Bakery is another Thai-Korean collaboration part of the Hanyang Studio project, which is set to shoot in Korea this summer.

After a spaceship crashes into a bakery, it is ruined. The boss of the spaceship meets the owner of the bakery and a chaotic life begins for both of them. At the same time, other aliens hiding in different parts of the city are looking for them.

A busy year for BL lovers!