BI stops concert to help fan get kicked out

BI stops concert to help fan get kicked out

BI is currently in the midst of their LOL: THE HIDDEN STAGE Asian Tour, meeting fans across Asia.

A problem arose during their concert in Jakarta and security forces attempted to remove a fan from the venue.

When this happened, BI stopped the music to ask what was going on. Other fans started yelling the word “camera” to explain to BI that the fan was caught trying to film the performance.

BI then took matters into his own hands and announced that no one would leave the room until the end of the concert.

This gesture deeply touched the fans in attendance, who were touched that the idol stopped his concert to address the issue and side with the fans.

As some of you may know, filming is prohibited at many concerts.

Most websites have the right to kick anyone who breaks their rules. In most cases, a warning is issued the first few times.

While under no obligation to defend the fan, BI’s protective nature towards his fans made everyone feel better.

In particular, fans were reminded of the artist’s promise made ahead of his previous tour in 2022. He had announced that he would stand up for fans who were caught filming.

BI’s promise to the fans has been kept and it shows how much he cares about them!

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