Best Traveller’s Residence, Hila Maluku Village Enters ADWI List 2022

Best Traveller’s Residence, Hila Maluku Village Enters ADWI List 2022

Hila Village, Leihitu District, Central Maluku, Province Malukubecame one of the best tourist villages in the Indonesian Tourism Village Awards 2022 (ADWI).

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf), Sandiaga Salahudin Uno, said that ADWI is a program of the ministry he leads. Sandiaga Uno personally visited Hila village on Sunday (11/9/2022).

Monitor CNNIndonesia.comHundreds of students welcomed the arrival of Sandiaga Uno in Hila village as they raised red and white decorations, hadrat, and danced to the front in Hila village, Leihitu District, Central Maluku, Maluku.

The man known as Sandi also had time to look at the creative economy products in the pavilion in the courtyard between the Immanuel Church and Fort Amsterdam, to dance and dance and play back and forth.

Sandi said, Hila Village has been cut as one of the best tourist spots, because this area has no sense of spices. According to him, spices originated from the village of Hila and were introduced to Indonesia, which is known as the country that produces spices.

“So Hila is the meaning of zero spices, this place starts with the spice route so that Indonesia is known as a country that produces spices,” said Sandi at Amsterdam Fort in Hila village, Sunday (11/9 ).

In addition to the beautiful landscape, Hila village has creative economic products such as juz nutmeg, sweets and handicrafts. However, Hila is also known as a village with good culture and religious tolerance.

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Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno in a virtual press conference.Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno in a virtual press conference. (Photo: Kemenparekraf Archives)

This can be seen around three historic buildings such as the oldest Mapauwe mosque, the Immanuel Church, and Fort Amsterdam which still stands tall in the heart of the majority of Muslim communities.

He wished the Governor’s birthday Maluku, Murad Ismail, 61 years old, the provincial government of Maluku can add another tourist village in Maluku. However, Sandi considered that there is a need to improve the infrastructure in the roads, because it is not enough.

With the development, it is expected to reach Hila village faster and bring more tourists.

“It’s just infrastructure. If we left last year, now we have to get off. If the road is widened and repaired, maybe we can reach this tour quickly.” He said.

Sandi also asked for more attractions from Hila village and held events so that these attractions would get more attention, both at the national, regional and international levels. This is because the village of Hila has amazing attractions.

Hila village is one of the 50 best tourist villages, which have the potential to boost the local economy. Sandi wants villages in Indonesia to be creative, adaptable, united, and to work hand in hand to promote international tourism.

“This is our step, having a strong recovery, a fast recovery that is creating 1.1 million new quality jobs,” he said.


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