Best Selling Beauty Products in 2022, Check List

Best Selling Beauty Products in 2022, Check List

Epidemic The covid-19 disease it doesn’t stop people from building new things. Staying at home often doesn’t seem to dampen someone’s confidence surgical.

New information Tokopedia get some habits style same to you excellence which penetrated in 2022. This data is seen from the sales situation in the month of August 2021 to August 2022.

Tokopedia found that fashion and beauty products are the best selling categories, especially for female consumers.

“For the beauty and fashion categories themselves, the growth is very high. We also see that the most important growth from last year is in the fashion and beauty category,” said Beauty and Personal Care Category Development Senior Lead Tokopedia, Sherine Pranata. Beauty and Care of the Market Tokopedia General Manager in a press conference at KAUM Restaurant Menteng, Central Jakarta, some time ago.

Good Things

From the category of beauty, the first trend that arises is facial cleansing. In addition, there is also a condition in which the serum is used in which the current product is different.

Sherine said that new products and different options have increased the demand for medicinal products. The reason is, many consumers are interested in the benefits of buying medical products.

In addition, there are also face and day creams. This is also followed by the trend of treatment packages, where consumers generally buy pre-packaged packages.

“Nowadays, the beauty sector is increasing because most women understand the importance of facial care,” said Sherine.

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Travel Items

Girl holding a bunch of colorful balloonsExample. Tokopedia has developed many fashion and beauty products. (Istockphoto/Elitsa Deykova)

Similarly, fashion brands are also now gaining popularity. One of them is women’s shoes.

“Maybe because many of them have started to leave the house and need new shoes,” Sherine said.

In addition, there was also an increase in the purchase of women’s clothing, shoulder bags, T-shirts, a dress shirtpajamas, too Sneakers women.

This increase in purchases, according to Sherine, is also influenced by the presence of many KOLs a critical opinion leader. They are considered to have contributed to the increase in the transactions of some jewelry and jewelry.

“We have Tokopedia Play, which is hosting Toko Mama Gigi live with Nagita Slavina. It’s definitely proven to bring in a lot of people, that’s really what we do,” said Sherine.


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