Benefits of drinking lemon water and how to manage it

Benefits of drinking lemon water and how to manage it

Lemon has long been popular as a flavor enhancer drink cold or warm. Rich fruit slices vitamin C It is often used for different things, from the decoration of cocktails to a strong flavor for hot tea.

Here are the benefits and how to use lemon.

1. It increases energy

Launched by Martha Stewart, lemons can provide rejuvenating benefits, such as increasing energy for the body.

According to Holistic Nutritionist Julie Hefner, lemon is good to eat in the morning because it makes people full and is good for the skin.

“Lemon can make you plump and good for the skin,” he said.

2. Boost the immune system

Lemon can increase the human immune system.

Health director and managing partner of Monarch Athletic Club Dr. Ryan M. Greene said that if a person has a cold, adding a drop of lemon to the water will help the person to recover faster.

“This type of fiber will help feed the good microbiome that strengthens the immune system,” he said.

How to process Lemon Juice

To make lemon juice, wash and peel the lemon before soaking it in water for 20-30 minutes. This will help the vitamins, minerals, and other fibrous components of the lemon to dissolve in the drink.

It is important to remember, one still needs enough water even after drinking lemon water. This is because the digestive system still needs to be properly maintained by mineral water.

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“In general, for most people, drinking about three liters of water a day is a good start to ensure adequate hydration,” said Dr. Greene.


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