Behind the female lead of divorce attorney Shin

Behind the female lead of divorce attorney Shin

The 40-year-old beauty has just returned to drama with an impressive rating.

Divorce Attorney Shin is a weekend drama produced by JTBC that aired recently. The drama earned a staggering 7.3% rating in its first two episodes, becoming one of JTBC’s highest rated opening episode dramas. The drama series has surpassed the impenetrable 3-year record set by The Married World.

Han Hye Jin appears in the first few episodes as Lee Seo Jin, a former weatherman turned radio DJ. Their divorce case is being handled by Shin Sung Han (Cho Seung Woo). At the time of the meeting, Seo Jin is married to an abusive husband and suffering from an unhappy marriage leading to their extramarital affair. However, things fall apart when her lover posts a recording of their intimacy on social media. However, Seo Jin is only looking for Sung Han for one reason: custody of his son. The lawyer initially refuses because he does not want to get involved in cases involving children. Despite this, he gives in after seeing how much Seo Jin loves his child. According to the preview, it looks like Seo Jin will join Sung Han’s team and become an important part of his group.

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The role of Lee Seo Jin is played by Han Hye Jin, an actress born in 1981 with more than 20 years of experience in the field. She became an actress in 2002 and is best known for her role in Jumong. Despite the historical drama’s taste and popularity, Hye Jin didn’t take advantage of it and couldn’t break free from his shadow afterwards. Her dramatic works after “Jumong” could not attract much attention to the actress. Over the course of 20 years, Hye Jin’s career has remained relatively weak.

Han Hye Jin

Unable to whip a dead horse, Hye Jin turned to hosting television shows. It wasn’t until she was 40 that Hye Jin appeared in public again as an actress. Hopefully the drama can propel the actress into stardom like “Jumong” did for her.

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