Before Use, Know 7 Effects of Turmeric Mask

Before Use, Know 7 Effects of Turmeric Mask

Using natural ingredients as a face mask is really more interesting than doing it in the salon. In addition to adding unusual flavors, natural ingredients are easy to find. One of the natural ingredients that is often chosen as a face mask is turmeric. Although it has a pungent aroma, this spicy plant is believed to have many benefits for the skin such as brightening the skin, treating acne, and removing dead skin cells naturally.

Some people who have tried it say that this mask with curcumin can work very well and is recommended for weekly treatment. However, it is not only good for the skin, there are also side effects of turmeric masks! For those of you who don’t know about this, you should see it directly in the following review.

1. It is difficult to remove the turmeric color on the face which is the effect of turmeric

The first effect of turmeric face mask that you can feel if you use turmeric regularly is that it makes your face skin yellow. This is due to the color of turmeric which has the ability to be easy to stick and leave a color that is difficult to remove. You certainly don’t want to go out with a yellow face, do you?

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2. The skin of the face feels tight

Turmeric root has natural antibacterial properties that work to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. However, these ingredients can cause discomfort on the skin when using it. The ingredients of this turmeric mask are not dangerous but it makes the wearer uncomfortable.

Before Use, Know 7 Effects of Turmeric

3. It causes dry skin

For owners of sensitive skin, the use of turmeric masks gives very good results because it can control the production of sebum on the skin of the face. But for some people who are born with dry skin type, another effect of the turmeric mask that can happen is to reduce the natural moisture in the skin of the face, making the skin dry.

4. The skin of the face feels itchy

If your face feels itchy when using a turmeric mask, know that this is a side effect of turmeric mask that almost all users feel. The compounds in turmeric also do not damage the skin, but the itchiness can make a person turn around and rub it.

Before Use, Know 7 Effects of Turmeric

5. It causes redness on the skin

When itching due to one of the side effects of the turmeric mask, take care to put your hand and block the skin on your face, red will appear which disturbs the appearance of the skin. Instead, if this continues to happen, avoid using turmeric masks.

6. Damage to the delicate skin

The ability of turmeric masks to remove dead skin cells is very good when used on other skin types that need exfoliation. However, for those who have problems with sensitive skin, you should avoid turmeric masks if you do not want to experience the effects of turmeric masks that can damage sensitive skin.

Before Use, Know 7 Effects of Turmeric

7. It causes red spots on the skin

Before using turmeric mask, try to test first whether you are allergic to this plant or not. Because the side effect of the face mask for someone who is allergic to turmeric is the appearance of red spots all over the face which are often considered as pimples.

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So, these are some of the benefits of turmeric face mask that you can get if you use only face mask. It is important to identify your skin type and skin problems. Use the mask according to your needs, Bela!

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