Becky G reacts to the news of BTS J-Hope’s enlistment Kpop News

Becky G reacts to the news of BTS J-Hope’s enlistment Kpop News

February 26th GREAT MUSIC announced that btsIt is J-hope would be the next member to join the South Korean Army thereafter jin, and he has already begun the process of his draft mandate.

Bon jour.


We would like to inform our fans that j-hope has initiated the military recruitment process by requesting the termination of his recruitment moratorium.

We will inform you about further updates in due course.

We ask for your continued love and support for j-hope until he completes his military service and returns safely. Our company will spare no effort to support our artist.



J-Hope from BTS | Louis Vuitton

Everyone processed the news, and some in different ways. Understandably, many ARMYs have been heartbroken to part ways with J-Hope already.

Jin even responded to the news about Weverse and he had some jokes that helped comfort ARMYs.

J-Hope himself went to Weverse Live to reassure ARMYs about his draft. He revealed he had been thinking about reaching out since Jin left, and the oldest BTS member called him when the announcement was made, so J-Hope got some advice from him hyung.

I think I’ve been thinking about this for the past year. After Jin-hyung walked in, I wondered when I should do the same. As I thought about it, I decided the sooner I got in, the sooner I could come back and show you something good.

— J-Hope Translated by @ryuminating/Twitter

Now one of J-Hope’s close friends has revealed how they dealt with the news of his draft: Becky G.

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Becky G (left) and J Hope (right) | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Because J-Hope and the Latina soloist collaborated on the tribute record Bianca Bonnie‘s “Chicken Noodle Soup” in 2019, they became good friends.

We were among the first to master Korean, Spanish and English. It’s really bad.

– Becky G


Every time they’ve seen each other at the awards shows, they can’t wait to meet up…

J-Hope even included her when making the story 2022 Lollapalooza. The legendary duo reunited for one of the most incredible performances of Chicken Noodle Soup.


It was previously announced that Becky G will perform at Coachella 2023. Just as J-Hope included her in his performance, she wanted to do the same.

That could of course change now. When word broke that J-Hope was about to materialize, some tweeted: “check becky” know what good friends they are.

Becky G responded to one of the tweets and expressed her gratitude to fans for their concern. She revealed that she and J-Hope had actually spoken to each other. Like us, she was sad, mostly because she was hoping he would join her Coachella 2023, but she still wishes him the best.

These are true friendship goals! Learn more about it below.

Becky G opens up about her friendship with BTS’ J-Hope