Be careful, rubbing your eyes can make you blind

Be careful, rubbing your eyes can make you blind

Rubbing women It is a habit that people often do. Waking up, sleeping, blinking, dry eyes or after crying, knowingly or not you will wipe your eyes.

Not to mention when the eyes feel itchy all of a sudden, one way is to rub the eyes to reduce the itching.

It’s not often that you rub it so hard that the eyes are red. Obviously, this practice is very dangerous and can lead to blindness.

Referano Agustiawan, an ophthalmologist at the Jakarta Eye Care Center (JEC), said that rubbing the eyes with force can cause blindness due to tearing of the eye. Tears in the eyeball are known as eye tears or tears that occur in the eyeball. This is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention.

“If you are late or leave for a long time, you can lose your sight. You can go blind,” said Referano in an interview with JEC, Wednesday (24/8).

What is the blind eye?

A retinal detachment is a condition when a layer of the eye separates. It develops through a hole or tear that appears in the eye.

The retina is the thin layer behind the eyeball. Its function is to control vision, capture light from the outside to deliver it to the brain. Eye disease must be taken seriously because it can have the potential to cause permanent blindness or vision loss.

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“Eye problems can end in blindness if they are not treated properly. Blindness can be prevented in the right way and quickly,” said Referano.

An example of eye painPhoto: istockphoto/Urilux
An example of eye pain

So why rubbing your eyes can be dangerous?

If affected, the eyes will be red. If it’s only occasional, it probably won’t cause a big problem, but if you rub your eyes frequently until the redness can cause an eye infection.

This injury to the eye can cause tears in the retina. At first, what you feel is a dark vision and a longing.

“It’s nothing, but (retinal detachment) usually starts with rubbing the eyes and ends up being fatal,” he said.

In addition to blurry vision, you will also experience lightning-like conditions flash camera when the eyes are closed. This is also a sign that the onion has started to spoil.

“The ophthalmologist quickly checked your eye, maybe at the time the eyeball didn’t come out, it was just torn, because from tearing to removal it took several days.” He said.

In addition to rubbing the eyes, people who are at risk of developing eye cancer are those who have reduced vision and the elderly. Both groups are vulnerable because the eyes they have on average are not normal.

“People who have a lot of loss have eye problems, that’s why they are weak, while the elderly usually do not have vision, this group must have their eyes checked regularly,” he said.


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