Be careful, moving the mattress in the hotel room to the floor can be fined

Be careful, moving the mattress in the hotel room to the floor can be fined

Hotel rooms it is designed so that guests can enjoy their time inside. Holiday hotel purposely providing average facilities for guests to feel satisfied with the service.

However, this does not mean that guests can do everything they want in the hotel room. Hotel guests are rarely unaware of the rules and act without asking the hotel first.

One of the least known rules in hotels is the prohibition of moving mattresses on the floor. Sometimes there are guests who deliberately move the mattress to the hotel room so that the bed can be used for sleeping.

The director of Indonesia Business Network Hotel Kempinski Jakarta, Aulyanty Fellina, explained that the hotel does not ban mattresses in the rooms. hotel to move to the hall. The reason, because it can cause damage to the mattress.

“In the management of the mattress or in terms of hospitality is (go to sleep), making the mattress prone to damage or tearing, considering the size of the mattress in the hotel is very large and heavy,” Aulianty told

Another reason is that if the mattress is placed on the floor, it makes the mattress dirty and stained, because the floor is always stepped on. It is not possible that there are traces of dirt on the floor, so the mattress becomes unclean for the next guest.

“Guests were fined if they moved the mattress to the floor, because this was announced before entering,” he said.

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However, for the amount of fines given to hotel guests, it usually depends on the policies of each hotel. So, for those who will stay in the hotel, do not move the mattress to the floor.


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