Basic Financial Education to Investment Application in Indonesia

Basic Financial Education to Investment Application in Indonesia, Jakarta The growth and development of Indonesia’s capital market continues to increase significantly from year to year – both the increase in the number of investors and issuers listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) – must be balanced this with human support. human resources (HR) who are highly skilled and experienced entrepreneurs.

There will be more than 9 million private equity investors by mid-2022, and the number continues to rise. This shows the change of people who used to want to save to become investment experts or to join the investment sector in the society.

Unfortunately, many people do not have access to specialized knowledge of finance, investing, and the stock market because it is too expensive or too difficult to access. Therefore, the Indonesian Institute of Capital Markets (TICMI) has released the TICMIEDU application, a platform that provides education and training to the capital market profession for individual learning needs and corporate needs or professional needs at levels.

TICMIEDU is a platform that focuses on education about science money, investment, and major markets that anyone who wants to deepen this field of science can enter. TICMI which will help the person and learning needs in steps to improve the quality of human resources in this digital age.

The launch of the TICMIEDU application is a solution that provides access to anyone who wants to know financial affairs and the stock market in an in-depth form that can be controlled and monitored through different devices.

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The curriculum is tailored to the needs of the industry and the material is imparted by highly qualified and experienced teachers. It is equipped with learning classes and learning methods that can help people in all sectors (people, workers, investors, professionals) understand the financial world, especially the capital market.

Mety Yusantiati as the head of the Director of TICMI stated that this platform has come to answer the challenge of developing the quality of human resources in Indonesia through various training for companies, professionals, investors and academics.

“This platform can be a solution for Indonesian HR to meet the needs of developing soft skills: assessment and skills in an easy way, work and skills in a limited time and work for a better life,” he said in a press release and was accepted. and Fimela.