BAP Jongup fansite launches fancam for first time in 7 years

BAP Jongup fansite launches fancam for first time in 7 years

BAPThe career breaks the heart of many K-pop fans. They made a very successful debut in 2012 but faced mismanagement by their company. TS entertainment didn’t pay them fairly and overworked the boys, leading to members suing the business. They returned to the business in 2015 after settling down. members Bang Yongguk etc ZERO left the company in 2018 after their contracts expired, the other members followed in 2019.


Though the members have since gone their separate ways, the member is Lune Jong Up has always promoted in the industry. He recently participated in the Survival Reboot program, rush houras part of Team 2400. With the finals for rush hour held April 19, 2023, Jongup’s longtime fansite, Leave me, income from inactivity. After listening to the finale, they posted a fan cam as part of the live audience.

The Let Me Up YouTube page. | LEAVE ME/YouTube

The latest video is the first they have posted from the video site in seven years. The last video was from BAP’s concert in 2016. Fans weren’t the only ones excited about the revival of the fansite. Jongup himself visited her page and left a lovely comment.

Long time no see.

— Jonggup

In fact, the dedicated fansite master has been cheering him on since he first emerged rush hour.

Please vote and show a lot of interest in Moon Jongup from Team 2400 on jtbc rush hour.

– Leave me

You totally deserved his comment on your video! Check out the iconic fancam below.

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