Bank Indonesia Tips to Save Money at Home Worry Free

Bank Indonesia Tips to Save Money at Home Worry Free, Jakarta A surprise came from Solo. Samin, a school worker at Lojiwetan Elementary School, lost tens of thousands of rupiah, as a result of his money being stolen. The money deposited in the plastic piggy bank will be used for Umrah. This incident made Samin give up on his intention.

Seeing this situation, the Head of Indonesian Solo Bank Representative Office (KPw BI), Nugroho Joko Prastowo, recommended that people keep money in banks. If you have to save at home, then there are some tips and tricks that must be considered.

1. Store in a dry place

Make sure the cash register is dry. This will make the money dry and free. When you store it in a tight place, fungus can destroy your bank statement and it can be destroyed by ants.

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