Bac 2023: What does the philosophy exam include?

Bac 2023: What does the philosophy exam include?

With the philosophy test quickly approaching, on June 14th precisely, here is some information and advice to best help you with your final reviews!

A month from now, on June 14th, seniors will face the dreaded four-hour philosophy test. Exactly at 12.00 and not a minute longer you have to return your copies. Copies that we hope will be successful on July 4th when the scores drop.

While this ordeal may seem insurmountable and worthy of real torture for your revisions, don’t panic, you still have a month to understand the complexity of the issues.

Four long hours… But maybe not that long!

Fearing the length of the four hours of the test could turn against you… Because be careful, although at first glance they may seem endless, once you’re immersed in your topic, nothing will stop your flow of reflection and writing, and the minutes will do then fly faster than thought! To avoid getting caught in time, be sure to stay organized and don’t forget your watch.

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course of the exam

As expected, you have three options for structuring the test: two essay topics and one essay topic. Tip: Do not close the door to the attachment! Even if the results achieved on this topic over the course of the year are not meaningful and the text commentary seems to you to be much more practical, it would be embarrassing to reject the dissertation altogether. The purpose of this test is to get you into deep reflection on a question or text. So, to maximize your chances of success, choose the topic that inspires you the most, even if it might be scary at first.

All of the subjects will relate to the ideas you’ve acquired throughout the year in philosophy class, so you’ll need to use them wisely to pass this exam! However, be careful not to fall into the trap of routine, as it is the opposite of what is asked of you. Spitting out your lessons will not help you with this exam and could even work against you. You must use your knowledge to properly understand and analyze the question or text.

Speaking of text comment, use all the tools at your disposal to analyze it better! In the caption of the text you will find the name of the author and the work from which it is taken, as well as the date or time of publication. Don’t worry if you don’t know the philosopher behind the excerpt, it’s not important for understanding the text! Just be happy to analyze the topic well, even if that means completely filling your designs with highlighters and the beginning of reflection.

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Suggestions for the likely themes of this year

This test, scored out of 20, presents a coefficient of 8 in a general way and a coefficient of 4 in a technological way. It is therefore important to use all your strengths to optimize your success. Don’t try to predict in advance the exact topic that will be dropped on June 14th and rule out all other possibilities of the revision, because that could prove to be a fatal mistake! Nobody can predict in advance and exactly what subjects you will have to deal with during your exam, but you can get an idea by looking at the annals of subjects from previous years.

Good luck with your testing, and in the meantime, happy revisions everyone!

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