Babu Year 2, Last Night Of Abang Babu Jakarta Happened Tonight

Babu Year 2, Last Night Of Abang Babu Jakarta Happened Tonight

DKI Provincial Government Jakarta will conduct the election again in Abang None Jakarta.

This event has been suspended for the past two years due to the outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid-19).

Andhika Permata, the head of the DKI Jakarta Tourism and Economic Commission, said that this meeting is one of the efforts to develop developing countries, so that the city of Jakarta gets the best tools that will support the city of Jakarta in accordance with the the presence found. cities of the world.

“Abang None Jakarta in the future will be the spokesperson of DKI Jakarta, not only will they represent Jakarta in some important functions, not only in the scale, but also in an international level that will support Jakarta’s development as a world-class city,” Andhika said in a statement. written statement, Friday (2/9).

He added, “We believe that the power of these young people is the best in Jakarta and they can speak more on the world stage.”

Andhika explained that the 2022 Abang None Jakarta election will be the 50th and the longest regional ambassador election in Indonesia. The selection of the 50th Abang None Jakarta coincides with the implementation of the 20th Mayoral Conference (U20) 2022.

According to him, the series of Abang None Jakarta 2022 elections started in June from the City/Regency level of Abang None. In addition, the top three from each City/Council are sent to participate in the activities at the Provincial level.

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In the selection process of Abang None Jakarta at the provincial level, the finalists of Abang None Jakarta received various lectures and tutorials to improve their skills as ambassadors of the city of Jakarta.

“Other activities carried out during the elections include dance training, public speaking, city tours and talent shows,” he said.

The 2022 Abang None Jakarta election process went through a rigorous legal process from nine different areas. Sri Haryati led the election judges of Abang None Jakarta as the economic assistant of the regional secretary of the DKI Jakarta provincial government.

After that, the winner of Abang None Jakarta and other winners will perform their duties for the next year. They are expected to contribute greatly to the development of Indonesia, especially Jakarta in terms of potential tourism, economy and culture, especially through digital innovation.

“This is because the tourism sector in the future will be full of innovation and adapting to the advancement of technology,” Andhika said.

The final night of Abang None Jakarta 2022 will be held tonight at Ciputra Artpreneur Theater, South Jakarta.

All the finalists of Abang None Jakarta on the last night will present speeches about the city of Jakarta of the World. This event will also be graced by the appearance of Hivi and Maliq D’essentials.


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