‘Avatar’ Character Designer Released Neytiri’s Shocking Initial Concept – KpopNews

‘Avatar’ Character Designer Released Neytiri’s Shocking Initial Concept – KpopNews

On March 8th, Joseph C. Pepe, the character designer of the movie “Avatar”, released the first concept design and illustration of the female lead Neytiri on his SNS account.

Pepe revealed the first concept art of the Na’vi people. He explained, “This is the first image of the Na’vi I created after reading James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ script in 2004.”. He also showed Jake Sulli’s original design and said “We decided together to keep the lower part of the faces of the actors or actresses.”

Neytiri’s initial appearance was very different from the image we see in the film. With darker blue skin, different skin patterns, and subtly different facial features and hairstyles, the atmosphere created was muted and enough to evoke a sense of dread.

Pepe explained that it took about a month and a half for Neytiri’s design to be fully finalized and they created 113 versions in a collaborative process between him and James Cameron.

he shared “Neytiri was the first official Na’vi design I did, so she took the longest.”add to “This series of images documents the design process between me and James Cameron to come up with the final design of Neytiri’s face. This process included 113 versions to solve eye size, face shape, stripe pattern design, bioluminescence design, skin color, lip color, ear placement, hair design, neck length, and head size.


Meanwhile, James Cameron’s film Avatar: The Waterway premiered in 2009, 13 years after the original Avatar.

Three months after its release in December last year, it continues to receive lots of love. Avatar: The Way of Water surpassed Cameron’s other work Titanic to become the third highest-grossing film of all time worldwide.

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The “Avatar” series, which is setting various records, continues its momentum and is expected to have not only “Avatar 3” but also the fourth and fifth films in 2024.

Source: Daum