Avatar 3: What could the rest of the saga look like?

Avatar 3: What could the rest of the saga look like?

While Avatar 2 sold out with more than 10 million viewers, the saga sequel feeds many fantasies

There were great fears about the new component d’openr, but the bet is hands down with $1.7 billion in sales in just one month of operation. The film would cost around $250 million. Here is one of the Avatar 3 trailers that will have the particularity of introducing a new race: the “People of Ash”.

Apparently there are many rumors that the film is at least 6 hours long. However, we now know that the very first version of Avatar 3 endured over 9 o’clock, at least the ones given to Disney. Despite this, the director expressed his desire to make one long version and another more condensed. James Cameron was interviewed by 20 Minutes and revealed a lot of information. He explained that Avatar 2 sets the stage for the full story he wants to tell, and Avatar 3 promises to be an epic worthy of the name: I can say that the last parts will be the best. The others were an introduction, a way to set the table before the food was served« .

The director also stated that he wanted to paint a more complex portrait of the Nav’is people.I want to show the Nav’is from a different angle because for the moment I’ve only shown their good sides. he confided in 20 minutes. However, the story will continue with the same main characters, but they will explore new universes. What is most intriguing are these famous beings called “People of Ash” who may reveal a darker aspect of the Avatar universe.

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Finally, there are still doubts about the achievement avatar 4 etc 5, as the director claimed, “the industry has changed”. This obviously reflects the arrival of streaming and platforms that have more and more market shares. Rumor has it that another director like Peter Jackson might take care of it. Avatar 3 is expected the month of December 2024.

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