Attack at the Gare du Nord in Paris: The suspect before an investigating judge

Attack at the Gare du Nord in Paris: The suspect before an investigating judge

The main suspect in the attack, which took place at the Gare du Nord this Wednesday and in which seven people were injured, was brought before an examining magistrate this Sunday. He was charged with attempted murder.

The justice machine is accelerating. This Sunday, January 15, the man suspected of assaulting seven people at the Gare du Nord on Wednesday morning was brought before a coroner. He was charged with attempted murder and remanded in custody, according to a judicial source.

“The investigations are now continuing under the direction of an investigating magistrate and should aim in particular to clarify the exact facts, to understand the motives of the accused and to clarify the personality of the person concerned,” a detailed Laure Beccuau, the prosecutor of Paris.

According to her, the suspect describes himself as 31 years old and an Algerian national, but his identity “has not yet been officially established”. In fact, the latter is already unfavorably known under several identities of the judiciary, “for acts of home invasion, theft and rebellion, acts committed in 2019 and 2021 and would have been informed of two commitments to leave French territory.” (OQTF), in 2020 and in September 2022,” she specified.

As a reminder, his attack had been ultra-violent. Just before 7 a.m. on Wednesday morning at the Gare du Nord, the person hit several people with a metal hook. His first victim received “about twenty hits”. The report shows seven injured. Three men aged 36, 41 and 53 and four women aged 40, 46, 47 and 53 including a border police officer (PAF).

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During his arrest, the attacker was shot three times (two in the chest and one in the arm) by a PAF police officer and a Brigadier from the Ile-de-France Networks (BRF), who were in civilian clothes and off-duty.

From now on, it will be further investigated whether the suspect is a carrier of psychiatric disorders. If this analysis remains unsuccessful, he must answer to the court.