ATEEZ Fan Slammed For Sexually “Objectifying” Words To Yunho

ATEEZ Fan Slammed For Sexually “Objectifying” Words To Yunho

Most of the interactions between kpop idols and fans are done in an innocent and adorable way, leaving both sides with a very good memory.

It’s an opportunity for fans to show their love directly to celebrities, who then reciprocate.

However, sometimes some fans go too far and take advantage of the situation, making the idols uncomfortable.

For example, during a fan gathering in 2021, a TikTokeuse was criticized for her racist behavior and other rude comments towards ATEEZ.

The young woman reportedly told Wooyoung to stop imitating BTS’ Jimin and find his own style, which made the idol uncomfortable.

ATEEZ fan slammed for lyrics deemed sexual "lenses" Envers Yunho

This time it was ATEEZ’s Yunho who was put in an awkward situation by a fan during a fan call.

ATEEZ fan slammed for lyrics deemed sexual "lenses" Envers Yunho

For the fancall, Yunho wore a V-neckline that showed part of his chest. The person speaking to him said that she knew to look him in the face, but his eyes continued to wander elsewhere, presumably to Yunho’s exposed skin, because he then put his hand on his chest to hide it , while looking embarrassed.

After seeing this interaction, fans took to Twitter to show their anger. In particular, many fans found the behavior borderline with sexual harassment, but since Yunho is male, oddly enough, things are going much better.

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Below the comments we can read:

  • “What is this double standard? It’s disgusting… If Yunho were a woman, the reactions would be very different…”
  • “It was so weird and embarrassing… Stop thinking of them as objects. »
  • “I see I’m not the only one who thought about the double standard…”
  • “You can tell he’s so uncomfortable… why talk about it?” He immediately covered himself up…poor…”
  • “If the roles were reversed, it would be a scandal in all media! »
  • “I’m sorry, but this is sexual harassment to me”
  • “I hope Yunho won’t be too affected by this. You can see his discomfort. We all think he’s handsome and sexy, but making him feel awkward and saying those words to him is something else. »

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