As far as the eye can see, share tips on caring for and protecting the world from extinction

As far as the eye can see, share tips on caring for and protecting the world from extinction

At the educational meeting held in the sixth week, Saturday (20/08/2022) in the morning, Sejauh Mata Menmandang introduced Farwiza Farhan, a marine biologist which is the founder of the HAkA (Aceh Forest, Nature and Environment) Foundation which focuses on the protection, conservation and restoration of the Leuser Ecosystem Area (KEL) in Sumatra which is the last place in the world for the four animals in dangerous like them. Sumatran Elephant, Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhino, and Sumatran Orangutan.

Farwiza said that conservation activities are not only the study of flora and fauna, but also empowerment at the local level, strengthening policies, and education. Therefore, he and the HAkA foundation cooperated with the local community to protect their area from the destruction of forests. Because according to him, the community is the first group to be affected when disaster strikes as a result of the destruction of forests.

Apart from the people who live near the forest, Farwiza also emphasized that the urban community must play a role in maintaining the forest. He explained that, “It is very important for the people of the city to take care of the forests because there is one thing that is needed in our daily life, which is clean water.” Clean water comes from rivers that flow through the forest. Forests are used to protect water sources. Forests breathe oxygen for us to breathe. Forests recycle CO2 around the world.”

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There are many ways to deal with climate change, the way is to restore, plant, and increase biodiversity in degraded forest areas. For urban communities themselves, there are three ways to participate in forest protection, the first is to know about forests in Indonesia. Second, buy things wisely and knowingly. Finally, start participating like signing a petition, planting a plant, etc.