AROHAs Believe Late ASTRO Member Visited Memorial Kpop News

AROHAs Believe Late ASTRO Member Visited Memorial Kpop News

The untimely death of ASTRO’s Moonbin has left fans in deep sorrow. To honor the loving memory of the idol, Fantagio, his agency until his death, set up a memorial room outside of their building where fans could pay their respects. The ceremony was later moved to the office car park to accommodate the growing number of visitors.

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However, over the weekend, the AROHAs experienced an unexpected miracle that brought comfort and comfort to their grieving hearts.

The accidental arrival of a small white butterfly

On Friday April 21, Moonbin’s body was shipped after his funeral was completed. This weekend, fans spotted a tiny white butterfly at the memorial. The butterfly appeared to hover over letters left by fans and stopped near Nesquik packages, a well-known Moonbin favorite. As the butterfly kept appearing over the next few days, AROHAs were convinced it was Moonbin himself visiting the memorial.

Fans share heartwarming experiences online

Social media was filled with fans sharing their emotional encounters with the butterfly. A fan, @illegal_nutsShe tweeted, “I observed you smelled every flower and went to read the letters Moonbin.” Another fan, @softdragon96shared: “The white butterfly flew around between the monuments in front of the office and the parking lot, sniffed the flowers and hovered near the letters. It seems he is still there. Binnie, you’ve been spotted.”

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The meaning of the white butterfly

The appearance of the white butterfly was of great importance to fans, since many believe that it symbolizes the soul of a recently deceased person. A Twitter user, @sunny love lifewrote: “I was told when I was young that white butterflies represent the soul of someone who has died… their presence means that an angel is watching over you. It’s a comforting thought.”

This belief cemented fans’ belief that the butterfly was Moonbin, and brought comfort and solace to those who mourned her loss.

Moonbin’s tragic death: ASTRO, his family and company mourn the loss of a beloved star

One of K-Pop’s most talented and versatile artists, Moonbin has been deeply loved by AROHAs around the world. The tragic circumstances of his death have become a trending topic on social media, with K-pop fans and celebrities offering their condolences to the ASTRO member.

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Korean media first reported Moonbin’s death, with Yonhap saying Seoul Gangnam Police Station revealed the K-pop artist was found dead of suicide at his home at 8:10 p.m. on April 19. His manager, who reportedly called the police when he arrived at the scene, spotted him.

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Additionally, on the same day, Fantagio announced that his funeral would be private and asked for respect and consideration for the grieving family.

Moonbin, who is from Cheongju, Chungbuk province, began his journey as a child model in 2004 and starred in TVXQ’s 2006 music video “Balloons”. He burst onto the acting scene with the Korean drama series Boys Over Flowers in 2009, starring in it at eighteen in 2019. Moonbin joined the K-pop group ASTRO in 2016, along with MJ, JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Rocky, and Sanha, and released her EP Spring Up with the hit “Hide & Seek”. Health issues led to a hiatus in 2019, but Moonbin returned in 2020 and contributed to ASTRO’s All Yours album in 2021. Moonbin’s sister Moon Sua is a K-pop artist and part of the girl group Billlie, the siblings support each other in their careers.

In January of this year alone, Fantagio confirmed that Moonbin, JinJin, MJ, Sanha and Cha Eunwoo would renew their contracts with them. A few days later, Rocky announced his departure. Right after that, the Moonbin & Sanha sub-unit was born.

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Although fans continue to mourn Moonbin, the miraculous appearance of the white butterfly at his memorial has brought a sense of peace and comfort to many. As fans remember the late ASTRO member, the butterfly’s presence is a sweet reminder of the love and comfort he brought to those around him. Rest in peace moonbin.

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