ARMYs think BTS’ J-Hope hinted at his upcoming military draft a few weeks ago, per Kpop News

ARMYs think BTS’ J-Hope hinted at his upcoming military draft a few weeks ago, per Kpop News

GREAT MUSIC recently shocked netizens when they announced it btsIt is J-hope was the next member to file a waiver of his draft deferral after the oldest member Jin.

Jin (left) and J-Hope (right) from BTS | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Bon jour.


We would like to inform our fans that j-hope has initiated the military recruitment process by requesting the termination of his recruitment moratorium.

We will inform you about further updates in due course.

We ask for your continued love and support for j-hope until he completes his military service and returns safely. Our company will spare no effort to support our artist.



BIGHIT MUSIC announced in October that the members of BTS “moving forward with plans to complete their military service‘, and the members would focus on their solo pursuits in the meantime.

(L to R) V, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope and RM from BTS at Jin’s induction ceremony | @bts_twt/twitter

Announcement by BIGHIT MUSIC on BTS | military plans weaver

BTS’ J-Hope has been busy since the group announced their move to individual activities on their 9th anniversary FIRMLY Dinner.

In July, he became the first BTS member to release solo music since the announcement and released his first full album. jack-in-the-box.

J-Hope’s Jack In The Box album cover | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Since then he has appeared on user interfacepopular variety show, UI Paletteworked with shredding With his song “Crush Hour” he was the first Korean artist to get to the bottom of popular headlines 2022 Lollapalooza Music festival, performed solo during Dick Clark’s New Years Eve, supported the activities of his colleagues and much more.

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J-Hope at Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Party | @uarmyhope/Instagram

After he announced the end of his military service deferral, some investigative armies looked for clues from the past that might foreshadow the announcement.

The sleuthing took fans live to J-Hope’s Weverse birthday on February 17, where netizens noticed moments that seemed to indicate the announcement was coming soon.

J-Hope during his 2023 Anniversary Livestream | @boraboravie/Twitter

Netizens noticed J-Hope’s solemn reaction when asked about it SugaThe next solo tour of. Though he said nothing, his smile spoke volumes to ARMYs.

In another moment, J-Hope acknowledged how hard he’s been working lately, sharing that in time those who wonder why he would work so hard would understand.

Netizens believed that this also heralded the announcement that would come a week later.

J-Hope officially confirmed the announcement in a new Weverse Live, explaining his decision and reassuring ARMYs.

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