ARMYs slams Mexican talk show after ‘mocking’ BTS Maknae – Kpopnews

ARMYs slams Mexican talk show after ‘mocking’ BTS Maknae – Kpopnews

ARMYs slammed Mexican talk show ‘Qué Chulada!’ for mocking and misinterpreting BTS’ Jungkook, which has prompted a smear campaign.

Here’s what happened.

‘#APOLOGIZETOJUNGKOOK’ trends as ARMY call Mexican TV show to ‘mock’ Jungkook

On March 8, the Mexican talk show Qué Chulada! was thrown into hot water by ARMYs for making fun of Jungkook in one of their episodes.

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On the talk show, the hosts reportedly poked fun at Jungkook and discussed his two-hour live Weverse on March 4. Jungkook took the time to interact with his fans, offering them a range of song covers, responding to J-Hope’s “On The Street” MV and even leaving the camera on while he slept, giving the ARMYs another unforgettable memory.

However, in “Qué Chulada!” the hosts made it appear that Jungkook was under the influence of alcohol during his broadcast.

'Apologies to Jungkook': ARMYs slams Mexican talk show after 'mocking' BTS Maknae

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The show also poked fun at an event between Jungkook and the fans. ARMYs know how much Jungkook goes to the gym in his free time. Live, Jungkook spoke about the people waiting for him outside the gym. Although he thanked them for supporting BTS, he kindly asked not to find him when he was training and asked for confidentiality. Fans praised the maknae for their courtesy and willingness to resolve the issue.

BTS Jungkook
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The well-meaning context was skewed by “Qué Chulada!”, which insisted that Jungkook “attack” the ARMY for invasion of privacy and prevent him from going to the gym. In one segment, a host called an employee playing the role of “Mexican Jungkook.” The employee was also interviewed by one of the hosts and asked if he had been drunk during the live stream and if he opposed ARMYs “harassment”.

BTS Jungkook for Weverse magazine

(Photo: Twitter: @weverseofficial)

“Que Chulada!” even shared an Instagram story containing the mocking interview clip, with the caption, “Our very own Mexican BTS.” The Instagram story has since been deleted.

How did ARMYs react to this?

While the problem is still ongoing, ARMYs are using the hashtags #APOLOGIZETOJUNGKOOK and #RESPECTJUNGKOOK on Twitter. They expressed their displeasure with the talk show for trivialization, racism and defamation.

They also expressed their disdain for Qué Chulada! how they handled the episode and used Jungkook for clout. As a result, the TV show’s rating dropped from 75% to a staggering 1%. ARMYs also denounced the questionable professionalism of the hosts.

Fans commented:

“The lack of professionalism is unacceptable. It is something fundamental for human beings, it is the respect that is learned at home, there is still time.

“They will clearly show their lack of professionalism by mocking themselves and not apologizing. You have to accept your mistakes to grow personally and professionally.”

“Apologies to JUNGKOOK and be professional, do your research on the subject before you send it. An artist deserves respect and invasion of privacy is no joke.”

What do you think of how they portrayed Jungkook? Tell us in the comments below!

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