ARMYs are glad they weren’t mentioned in the Most Negative Fanbase list

ARMYs are glad they weren’t mentioned in the Most Negative Fanbase list

BTS fandom ARMY celebrated success after UberFacts released their chart of the “most negative fandom online.”

Here’s what happened.

UberFacts publishes “positive” and “negative” fanbase charts online, ARMYs react

On March 4, the informational social media platform UberFacts published the “most positive” and “most negative” fandoms that have ever existed online.

The data collected was based on the words and actions used by users online, which is all positive or negative. One Direction took the lead in the whitelist, followed by Daddy Yankee, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes and Justin Beiber. On the negative list, Rihanna’s fanbase took first place Navy, closely followed by fans of the first-person shooter Call of Duty.

Many netizens shared their thoughts on the graphics. Most of them received mixed reactions as the data collected by these fan bases could overlap with the behavior of some fandoms and felt the graph was inaccurate.

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However, the ARMYs of BTS fandom were surprised that they weren’t listed, especially in the Negative section. With the results not revealing their fanbase, ARMYs immediately celebrated the occasion.


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Additionally, some were even surprised to see that none of the K-pop fandoms are included in either ranking despite being active and passionate on social media. Every fandom has their share of bad apples and that’s an irrefutable fact.

ARMYs celebrate after UberFact’s ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ fanbase charts were revealed

Despite having an impact on the K-Pop scene, being the biggest K-Pop fandom is not without its challenges, as ARMYs are often criticized by non-K-Pop fans for their “toxic behavior.”

BTS ARMY's @ 'Yet to come'

(Photo: Twitter | @bts_bighit)

Judging by the UberFacts charts, ARMYs have proven to be one of the most affectionate fandoms and are finally free from the “toxic” claims made about them.

ARMYs celebrated the occasion, declaring how happy they were with the results and even congratulating each other on their “first win”!

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BTS is known for their songs with meaningful messages and positive affirmations. This is just one of the aspects that ARMYs admired so much, and along with the influence, it didn’t take long for the fandom to develop a positive nature as well!

See her comments below:

What’s your reaction to ARMY’s celebration? Do you belong to a fandom? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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