Argentina reports four deaths from pneumonia

Argentina reports four deaths from pneumonia

Government Argentina reported four deaths as a result namoniya m on Saturday (3/9) local time.

The death of the four happened in a hospital in the city of San Miguel in the province of Tucuman. They are known to be contagious lungs which is difficult.

The latest deaths occurred in a 48-year-old man and a 70-year-old woman on Saturday morning. The male patients were reported to have lung cancer, while the female patients were said to have undergone surgery.

Meanwhile, seven other diseases were also found. All were found in the same city.

Out of the seven, four of them are still in the hospital and receiving respiratory support.

“While the other three are being treated at home under the supervision of health officials, they all have mild symptoms,” said Argentina’s health minister Carla Vizzoti. AFP.

Vizzoti also said that he found the cause of the infection. Bacteria Legionella He was found to be the main cause of the lung disease that afflicted some of his countrymen.

Same with pneumonia in general, bacterial infection Legionella This can cause symptoms such as high fever, body aches, and shortness of breath.

The disease has been linked to contaminated water and air conditioning systems.

When this outbreak was first discovered in Tucuman, doctors had time to test patients with Covid-19 and Hantavirus tests. However, both of them gave negative results.

The samples were then sent to the Malbran Institute in Buenos Aires. The results of the laboratory analysis revealed bacteria Legionella as a reason.

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Bacteria Legionella they are themselves described as ‘hardy’ bacteria. This disease can be contracted if there is close contact with the infected person.


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