Argentina: a cornfield “tattooed” with the face of Lionel Messi

Argentina: a cornfield “tattooed” with the face of Lionel Messi

After winning the World Cup, Argentina continue to pay tribute to Lionel Messi. The latest, a huge drawing of the Argentine player’s face made by a farmer in a corn field.

Lionel Messi’s iconic status in his home country is well established. Honors are pouring down after Argentina won the seven-time Ballon d’Or and Argentina in the World Cup final against France.

After being welcomed as heroes in their home country, the national team players were heartily thanked by the crowd and the Argentinian people. In particular, Lionel Messi, one of the main architects of Argentina’s final victory.

Recently, Charly Faricelli, a farmer from the rural Ballesteros region, almost 500 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires, paid a special tribute to Lionel Messi. In fact, he pulled his head into the middle of his cornfield. The design, the size of four football pitches, is only visible in its entirety from the sky.

Lionel Messi’s face drawn in 25 panels

Its author told AFP he planned to pay that tribute to the striker regardless of Argentina’s final result. “The idea was to produce an agricultural world tribute to Messi, whether he won the World Cup or not, which thank God he did!” explained the farmer.

This drawing was made possible by a very special technique. Unlike other agricultural drawings, this one was created with a very concentrated sowing of seeds. This will make the design more visible as the corn grows.

“Thanks to technological advances, the tractor knows exactly how many seeds to sow and where while it’s driving,” confides Charly Faricelli. It’s a technique he has shared with other farmers whom he invites to do the drawing on their fields as well.

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An invitation that has not remained a dead letter as there are a total of 25 faces of Lionel Messi in corn fields in five different provinces.