Are You Sharing Hair? Here’s How To Win!

Are You Sharing Hair? Here’s How To Win!

Exposure to sunlight and pollution, overuse of equipment style hair, and tying your hair too tightly can be the reason for your hair to split.

This hair problem can be said to be very complicated, because curly hair often feels dry and dull, so it needs good care so that it does not affect daily activities.

Apart from this, it is not difficult to overcome this split hair, really, Bela. Come on, here’s how!

1. Do it regularly trim

Are You Sharing Hair?  Here's How To Win! Byrdie

Unlike conventional hair cutting techniques. trim This is a technique of cutting hair without giving a drastic change, because the hair is cut only at the end.

Repair This is usually done to treat split ends. Later, trim Hair can also make your hair healthy.

2. Avoid combing your hair too hard

Are You Sharing Hair?  Here's How To Win!

Twisting too hard can cause hair to break and split easily.

So, when combing hair, do it carefully. Then, if the ends of your hair look similar, start sectioning first. This method is done so that your hair does not fall easily.

It doesn’t stop there, you can use a quality comb.

3. Limit the use of equipment style hair

Are You Sharing Hair?  Here's How To Win!

Hair styles with accessories style like a hairdresser, and this hair roller is the key to make your hair look beautiful.

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However, in fact, using the tool often style This hair can make your hair frizzy, you know, because the heat generated by this one tool can affect the condition of your hair.

So that the hair is not easily damaged, you should limit the use of this one tool, yes!

4. Avoid sun exposure

Are You Sharing Hair?  Here's How To Win! du

Staying in the sun for a long time not only damages the skin, it can also damage the hair. The scalp acts as a protective barrier for the hair and when this layer is damaged, the hair becomes easily broken and split.

Therefore, when doing outdoor activities, you can use protection such as a hat or an umbrella.

5. Use a mask

Are You Sharing Hair?  Here's How To Win! Shutterstock/puhhh

Not only does it make hair soft throughout the day, it is also believed that hair masks can overcome various hair problems, one of which is split ends.

When your hair is in trouble, you can use the mask once a week. However, if your hair is healthy, just use this mask twice a month.

6. Apply hair oil containing argan

Are You Sharing Hair?  Here's How To Win!

In addition to using a mask, you can treat your hair by using argan oil. It is believed that the oil obtained from the argan tree can nourish the hair, maintain moisture, make hair soft, and repair damaged hair.

So, when can you apply argan oil? If you want maximum results, then use argan oil after shampooing, yes!