Are we watching or not? Bardot, the mini event series of France 2

Are we watching or not? Bardot, the mini event series of France 2

The event of 2023, the miniseries Bardot, arriving on May 8 on France 2, won the dazzling performance of Julia de Nunez.

What is Bardot? Brigitte Bardot, a strict girl from the 16th arrondissement of Paris, finds herself ugly and unloved. Thanks to her meeting her first love Roger Vadim, she will grow up, emancipate herself and defy all codes. In 1956, the release of the film “And God … created woman” by this young man, whose heroine is Brigitte, sparked a worldwide sexual revolution of which she became an icon.
Bardot takes over her sexuality, does not want to be a good wife or mother. She allows herself to choose her men, to dress and undress as she sees fit, to say whatever is on her mind. This unfailing freedom propels her into the media spotlight, unleashing as much hate as adoration. She becomes the muse of an enchanted parenthesis, a time when irrepressible urges are finally released. She is the first French star whose image transcends all borders, influences all fashions and creates a shockwave that reaches even the most remote villages on earth.
The extraordinary fate of this young woman, a fairy tale that sometimes turns into a nightmare, also paints the portrait of an epoch: post-war France, which changes from black and white to colour, gorging itself on carefree, fun and sun in this new paradise named Saint-Tropez, whose goddess Bardot becomes.

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The essential

A Frenchman The Crown. This is how the team sums up the spirit of this chic and neat production by France Télévisions. The early years of Bardot’s career, narrated from his point of view through the writing and directing talents of Christopher Thomson and Daniele Thompson, who took their heroine with them on the set of his 1959 film starring Clouzot. Why this time? How is it symbolic for the actress? Aside from really being about when Brigitte Bardot becomes BB, there’s no other reason to start over. Although the channel presents it as a miniseries, we quickly understand that if successful, the story will continue into the next decade. And we will continue to accompany Julia de Nunez in this exploration of the life of a free, independent and confident woman. Next to the young actress we find Victor Belmondo (Vadim) or even Hippolyte Girardot and Géraldine Paillhas (as his parents).

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Through the extraordinary fate of this young woman, a fairy tale that sometimes turns into a nightmare, we also paint the portrait of an era, post-war France, which goes from black and white to color, the carefree throat and music. Smoky nightclubs, hot sand, tanned bodies in a new paradise
: Saint-Tropez, whose goddess Brigitte becomes. And yet war rages in Algeria, darkening the lives of everyone on both sides of the Mediterranean
says Danielle and Christopher Thompson in the press kit.

And Bardot created De Nunez

The Bardot series is a real success in diving, which it operates in France in the 50s.However, if we do not escape the jumps in time that pass from one year to the next, the sequence is quite fluid. The artistic direction is fluid and sublime, as is the photography and credits, truly lush, with a chic 1950’s Hitchcockian vibe. If the casting has been particularly good, the success of the series rests in the hands of Julia De Nunez. Much more than an actress, Bardot transcends her character and her fictional alter ego brings to light the power of a young woman and actress as sublime and intense as the actress she portrays. Julia de Nunez is in all the shots, but the picture never gets tired because she always has something new to offer. His resemblance to BB is also quite disturbing as the two women are revealed to be close. The series paints the portrait of a woman caught between the 4 walls of celebrity and intending to live her freedom as fully as possible. Even if it means depriving yourself of happiness? In any case, Bardot is portrayed there as that woman who has spent her entire life fighting to stay free. Julia De Nunez burns 1000 fires and is never caught by her illustrious model, whose shoes may seem too big. For a bluffing, gripping result that oscillates between the drama and the lightness of a crucial time for the status of women and for which Bardot was the ideal incarnation – without ever leaving out the dark sides of the personality of this woman who has become iconic in the world.

Photo credit press kit: Sylvie Castioni. Thibault Grabherr. Caroline Dubois. Christine Tamalet.
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