Are Luxury Brands “Ignoring” JYP Artists?

Are Luxury Brands “Ignoring” JYP Artists?

Netizens are wondering why there is a severe shortage of ambassadors for luxury brands that are under the JYP Entertainment umbrella.

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A few weeks ago there was a post entitled “JYP is the only [agence] was posted in a popular Korean community that got a lot of attention. It has been said that among major entertainment agencies (SM, YG, HYBE) and famous small and medium-sized agencies (Starship, Cube, etc.), JYP is the only one that does not have an official artist brand ambassador.

The original poster later corrected itself and mentioned that NMIXX was the ambassador for luxury fashion brand LOEWE.

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However, the lack of luxury ambassadors within JYP is still visible, and netizens couldn’t help but ask questions and wonder how famous JYP artists like TWICE, ITZY and Stray Kids could be overlooked by luxury brands.

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Additionally, in recent years, K-pop has become a global sensation, with the fame and influence of Korean artists skyrocketing, attracting the attention of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Celine and Saint Lawrence.

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DMany idol groups, from big names like BTS and BLACKPINK to fourth-generation stars like NewJeans, IVE and aespa, have been chosen as brand ambassadors by these high-end fashion houses.

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The tendency of luxury brands to constantly advertise K-pop idols as ambassadors is becoming more and more apparent, the question asked “Why not JYP? » remains set.

Fans have given various reasons. Most of them agree that the main reason is that the company focuses on music and entertainment rather than advertising.

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JYP’s artists in particular are known for their steady comebacks, and the company’s steady revenue from album sales and concert tours far outweighs profits from the role of brand ambassador.

Also, unlike YG Entertainment’s approach, JYP Entertainment has always prioritized group activities over individual projects.

Some fans believe that JYP may have learned lessons from the Miss-A affair, in which Suzy’s immense fame eclipsed the other members, ultimately leading to the group’s dissolution.

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Today, K-pop idols becoming ambassadors for luxury brands are a source of pride for fans.

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However, partnerships with renowned brands do not damage the reputation of an idol group. For JYP and its artists, whether they collaborate with luxury brands or not, they continue to thrive in their own way.

Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with artists being known for their talent and musical contributions rather than luxury brand deals.

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