Andika Pratama and Zaida Jameela won Abang None Jakarta 2022

Andika Pratama and Zaida Jameela won Abang None Jakarta 2022

Andika Pratama from Central Jakarta and Zaida Jameela from the Thousand Islands as Abang Babu Jakarta 2022. They beat 38 finalists from Abang None Jakarta 2022 from 6 cities/districts in DKI Jakarta.

The final night of the Abang Babu Jakarta 2022 election held at Ciputra Artpreneur Theater, Jakarta, Friday (2/9).

Before advancing as the winner, all the finalists demonstrated their ability to give short speeches about interesting topics related to Jakarta as a global city. Jakarta as a global city is a major theme that was predicted at the Abang Babu Jakarta conference this time.

Andika said, “Jakarta can already be said to be a world city, with the provision of infrastructure in the world.” The Kendal Tunnel, according to him, is one of the measures taken by the government.

Meanwhile, the finalists of Jakarta were asked about how to use women to achieve Jakarta as a world city.

Zaida expressed his desire to develop the concept of sustainable energy.

“We all know that it is difficult for the Thousand Islands to get electricity. Until 2020, Sebirah Island has solar panels,” said Zaida.

Meanwhile, the position of 2nd vice Abang None Jakarta 2022 was won by Firmansyah Raharjo from South Jakarta and Gisella Belicia Alma from East Jakarta.

Saif Ali Syah from Central Jakarta and Salwa Rafila from South Jakarta will be the first representatives of Abang None Jakarta 2022.

The Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan hopes that Abang and Babu who will be selected will not only be ambassadors for tourism, but also ambassadors for Jakarta.

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“Everyone is looking at Jakarta, everyone has witnessed that now Jakarta can be equal to other cities in the world. We have planned that Abang None, who will enter the finals tonight, has the task of representing Jakarta in the world city scene,” he said. Anies during the opening ceremony.

After a two-year hiatus, the Abang None Jakarta conference was held again this year. Andhika Permata, head of the DKI Jakarta Tourism and Economic Commission, said that this event is the longest regional ambassador election in Indonesia.

The series of elections started from June 2022 at the city/district level. The top three are then sent to compete at the provincial level.


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