“And what profession do you dream of later to change the world?”

“And what profession do you dream of later to change the world?”

Although the digital sector is a sector that provides jobs for women, they are still underrepresented. Atlas, Numeum and [email protected]érique want to clean up old ideas and encourage women even more to turn to this future-oriented industry.

Degenerating digital jobs: some key figures

Habits and inherited ideas definitely have a tough tooth. It is still too often assumed that digital jobs – and there are many of them – are reserved for men. And the numbers tend to confirm that trend, given how difficult the industry is to recruit. It is done and a paradox: a fact because we can only see it and a paradox because the demand is there. While more than 200,000 jobs will be created in digital, 38% of young women think it’s too technical for them. They’re even 28% thinking it’s taking too high a level that they wouldn’t have.
The need for more accurate and encouraging information is clear: when 57% of high school students want to work in this field, that number drops to 37% when it comes to taking the leap into a degree. “Break the codes” is therefore still an urgent priority in 2023

Fiction to save the sector

“Breaking Codes” with 3 videos against clichés that show that digital is there for everyone, regardless of age, social class and not a question of big cities. You can access it wherever you are and whoever you are!

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With this campaign prepared by Atlas, Numeum and [email protected]érique, you will discover many professions, no doubt imagining a future you had not thought of: Data Scientist, Developer, Network Systems Specialist, Project Manager, Software Architect, Cybersecurity Engineer, Digital Ecodesigner, Green-IT -Managers, … professions that affect all sectors and which, as you will see, do not forget sustainable development, the main concern of the young generation.

Here is the first of 3 campaign videos. You will see that while girls are most interested in these jobs in high school, they are only represented at 17%.

You will also see in the other videos that the industry has not only recruited but has made equal pay and professional emancipation its top values. And as said, a video will also show how these innovations make it possible to respond to the challenges of global warming.


Atlas is the Skills Operator (OPCO) for financial services and consulting. Supported by the social partners from 13 professions*, grouped in 4 main activity groups (insurance, banking and finance, consultancy, accountancy and auditing), the OPCO represents more than 120,000 companies with 1.8 million employees, including 750,000 managers in high-skill professions. *Insurance (general insurance agents, insurance and reinsurance brokers, insurance companies, assistance companies), banking and finance (bank, Volksbank, Sparkasse, Crédit Mutuel, financial markets and finance companies), consultancy (engineering offices, surveyors and economists). , auditors and accountants).

About number
Numeum is the professional organization of the digital ecosystem in France. He represents digital service companies (ESN), software manufacturers, platforms and engineering and technology consulting companies (ICT). Numeum brings together more than 2,300 member companies that generate 85% of the industry’s total revenue. Chaired by Godefroy de Bentzmann and Pierre-Marie Lehucher, Numeum aims to put digital technology at the service of people with two founding ambitions: to support the country in the generalization and democratization of digital education; Act at the service of responsible digital technology for business, society, people and the planet. Numeum’s commitment is based on 4 pillars of action: the promotion and defense of the interests of its members and their companies, the embodiment of digital France in Europe, the animation of the digital ecosystem to promote synergies and innovation, and the strengthening of the service m all digital companies.

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About [email protected]
[email protected]érique, an initiative to better represent women in digital sectors and professions, was launched in June 2018 at the initiative of 6 associations, Cigref, Numeum, Talents du Numérique, AFMD, CGE and Social Builder.
[email protected]érique is based on two levers of action: a foundation that brings together 42 sponsoring companies that co-finance and support projects, and its Promotional Association, which allows the scale-up of the most impactful actions, with the aim of responding to the urgency of the situation, working to create a favorable develop a framework for long-term progress. [email protected]érique thus brings together the many private, public and associative actors to stimulate momentum, mobilize energies, pool resources, support the most impactful initiatives and engage in forward-looking reflections and public affairs.