“And what do I do now”: a big orientation day on 21

“And what do I do now”: a big orientation day on 21

While the formulation of wishes is just beginning on Parcoursup, a big orientation day “And now what do I do” will take place online on January 21st. We explain what it consists of.

« At the beginning of this project there is a real personal commitment. Mentor at ” My job glasses“I always thought it was normal that we help the youngest ones to find their way around. In my view, the transmission principle is very important. Even if I found it interesting to help young people individually with their orientation, I have always said to myself that what I said about my job in this context can also be applied to other people and other jobs: as most people do Businesses benefit from information from professionals? Through my work I have had the opportunity to turn beliefs into events of general interest. “As it was explained to us Marie-Anne Marc (Marketing and Communications Director at ESG) at the origin of this project, this reflection and this personal commitment was born in 2022 ” And now what do I do“, a great online day for orientation of management professions.

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What is this “What do I do now” day?

It is a Day for orientation in management professionsunfolding on-line to enable as many people as possible to participate, be it in big cities and large educational centers, but also in small towns where access to information is more difficult. The organizers have therefore taken care not to increase the great agony of orientation by struggling to find the necessary information to which everyone is entitled in order to achieve the best possible orientation. ” It is very difficult to determine the degree you want to study without first determining the type of work you want to do. And choosing a career is also very difficult, because there are many of them and at a young age you don’t always know what they consist of.. And it’s not the job descriptions we find here or there that really help us see things more clearly‘ explains Marie-Anne Marc.

Offer insights from professionals into their work to help young people define what they want to do

Why this date, January 21st? It stands at the beginning of the process of formulating a wish on the Parcoursup. It is a tense time when all young people have a real need for information about what they want to do in order not to find themselves in an education that is a “cheap” solution compared to what they want. And you need to find the right people to ask your questions.

What will we find in that day “And what do I do now”?

Three pillars form this big orientation day:

  • Professionals come to explain to young people what their job is in the simplest way possible, without leaving anyone in the dark: marketing, communication, finance, HR, etc. Basically all the jobs that are prepared in business school to then get into the to work economy
  • What are the right questions for orientation? Experts also come to you to talk to you about it
  • What is the environment of the course you will be entering? Simple questions but touching on the difference between university and business schools, for example; to complete short or long studies; …
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The big innovation compared to the 2022 edition is the Presence of students to ask questions to professionals. You will thus be your intermediary to these professionals. A chat will also be available for everyone to share your questions.

“And what do I do now” online on January 21st
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