And if cinema helped to understand philosophy?

And if cinema helped to understand philosophy?

A picture says more than a thousand words, wouldn’t cinema be the best way to convey a vision of the world?

Originally a student association

A film is always a prism, if not a position on the world, a “world view”, as German philosophers call it. That is the aim of the philosophy student association “Opium philosophie”. We were able to talk to the president of this association, who was born in 2011, and who has made this his goal “Revival of philosophy from the ashes of the university.” Founded initially by Sciences Po students, the association quickly expanded its influence and since then has been organizing Cafés-Philos, also publishing a magazine on an annual theme, written by students, speakers as well as artists to illustrate it. Today it is the leading student philosophy association in Paris.

The president of the association, Maxime Delpech, told us: “Opium Philosophy is an inter-university association whose mission is to promote the philosophical expression of young people and students in an interdisciplinary and professional environment. We firmly believe in the need to take philosophy out of strictly academic frameworks and to encourage the encounter between philosophy, art and culture. We believe that philosophy must exist in dialogue with the contemporary world and with all forms of expression.”

the last session crash from Kronenberg. February 21, 2023.

Cinema as an introduction to philosophy

The Cinesthésies are a branch of this association that invites us to philosophize through the prism of cinema. In December 2018, the Cinesthésies d’Opium invited Isabelle Huppert and François Ozon to present the film 8 women. In March 2022, Gaspar Noé came to present his film Climax, at the Christine Cinema Club. The theme this year is “The Accident”. The film was shown at the last screening on February 21st crash by David Kronenberg. The meeting was organized at the Reflet Médicis in the 5th arrondissement, in the heart of the film lovers’ district. After a very insightful introduction to the film, the philosopher Justine Janvier attended. After this film, which was as trashy as it was confusing, an exciting exchange ensued.

Poster for the next meeting

The next meeting will therefore take place on Thursday, March 27, 2023 at 8 p.m. always in the cinema of Reflet Médicis. The film by Denis Villeneuve, First contact is honored. It will be presented by the writer and philosopher Philippe Adam. At the end of the session you can buy the famous philosophical review, this year on the subject of accidents, combining text, illustrations and amazing collaborative writing quality. A buffet follows with all viewers to discuss the film, the philosophy or just build friendly relationships. An opportunity not to be missed. Tickets are available online at the Reflection Medici website.

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