Analysis: Staying up late makes a person selfish

Analysis: Staying up late makes a person selfish

It’s no secret anymore, sleep very important to health in general. A recent study found a link between sleep quality and nature some.

Researchers from the University of California in the United States (US) found that lack of sleep can lead to selfishness in a person.

In addition, studies published in the newspaper PLoS Biology Insomnia has also recently been found to affect how likely a person is to help others.

“In fact, just one hour of sleep deprivation can influence a person’s decision to help others or not,” said study author Ben Simon. CNN.

To accomplish this, the researchers conducted three separate studies.

First, the researchers analyzed data from 3 million donors from 2001-2016. They saw a 10 percent drop in donors after the Daylight Savings Time.

In the second study, researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging to look at participants’ brain activity after eight hours of sleep or no sleep. The study found that neural networks — brain regions associated with emotional regulation — are less active after sleep deprivation.

The principle of common sense is the ability to consider the needs, circumstances, and emotions of others.

While in the third study, researchers measured the sleep performance of more than 100 people for 3-4 nights. They found that the quality of sleep has a significant effect on the level of self-esteem. This level of self-esteem is assessed based on a questionnaire.

“These studies show that as the duration of sleep increases, so does the desire to help others,” says Simon.

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A sleep specialist from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in England, Ivana Rosenzweig admitted that he was not surprised by the findings.

“Sleep has often been shown to affect mood and mental performance. Therefore, it can affect how we interact with other people,” said Rosenzweig, who was not involved in the study.


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