Amazingly, This Englishman Can Stand Up 20 Times In 1 Minute

Amazingly, This Englishman Can Stand Up 20 Times In 1 Minute

For others, fart in public it is considered shameful. However, the original man Turkish this one is brave enough to make a far-off show that is watched by the entire public.

Citing different sources, the man whose real name is Paul Oldfield has a unique and amazing ability, which is that he can fart 20 times in a minute. In fact, his skills are recorded in the history of the world as the best of all farts.

Funnily enough, he can also play songs that are famous for farts, and a variety of other disgusting tricks.

Paul Oldfield aka ‘Mr. Methane’ discovered his unusual talent in his youth. In the end, he decided to use his skills as a way to earn a living, travel the world and show his dirty skills to the world.

Oldfield discovered his ‘superpower’ while doing some yoga moves with his sister. When they tested the lotus position, he realized that he could inhale and exhale air through his anus.

He was very happy about his new talent. The next day Paul released 20 quick farts in less than a minute in front of his group of friends.

He did not immediately become Mr. Methane, Oldfield was initially trained to be a train conductor while occasionally entertaining his friends with his skills. Towards the end, he decided to stop being a conductor and enter the world of entertainment.

In the late 1980s, Oldfield who became Mr. Methane began playing as an opening act for a local band’s show. He then traveled to New York, where he impressed and intimidated presenters with his talent.

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According to the famous British digestive expert, Peter Whorwell, Oldfield has the ability to ‘breathe’ through the canals. By raising the diaphragm, Oldfield is able to suck air into the large intestine through the open sphincter, then close the sphincter before expelling the air.


By moving his cheeks, Oldfield finally learned to change the pitch of his farts, allowing him to perform unique performances.

In 2018, Mr. Methane contacted Guinness World Records for the opportunity to record his skill to release the most farts in one minute.

At first, he aimed to be able to pass gas 50 times per minute. However, there were actually 86 farts that were released.


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