Amazing Hotel Lifts in Malaysia Sign ‘Not Halal’, What’s the Truth?

Amazing Hotel Lifts in Malaysia Sign ‘Not Halal’, What’s the Truth?

IN hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia marked as ‘not lawful’ raise which is in it. Unexpectedly, the ‘unlawful’ label has drawn criticism from many quarters.

One of them is the social activist from Malaysia, Siti Kassim. He posted a picture raise illegitimacy on his social media platform while asking the reason for this.

In the deposition, he also made it clear that the Four Points Kuala Lumpur Hotel was the hotel in question.

“So a friend of mine took this picture [Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur]. Can the hotel explain the reason for this?” Siti wrote on her Instagram page on Monday (3/10).


Not surprisingly, the story went viral on social media. Some netizens also asked the same thing: why should it be available? raise labeled not halal?

However, not a few netizens were also spared. Some netizens suspect that the symbol was used to explain this raise they are used to transport non-halal products.

Regarding the noise, a hotel spokesperson gave an explanation. Speaking StarThe hotel agrees that they must be raise lawful and unlawful movement of goods.

The hotel representative wrote in Siti’s comment that “This is part of the requirements to ensure halal.”

Meanwhile, according to Siti, the hotel should have the courage to question the regulation at the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia.

“Why raiseis it different? Is it to avoid cross contamination? I don’t think this can be an excuse. A disease that can happen anywhere,” said Siti.

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Siti agreed that every company has to follow many rules to get a halal certificate. However, this does not mean that companies can adopt all the rules well.

This case is not the first in Malaysia. In 2013, a similar incident happened at a hotel in Petaling Jaya.

Information board on the side raise apprenticeship,”Raising This is only for transporting halal goods. For non-halal items, please use the stairs.”


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