Alleged bullying victim refutes Myungho’s claim of innocence by 8TURN with evidence

Alleged bullying victim refutes Myungho’s claim of innocence by 8TURN with evidence

An alleged victim who accused a new idol of myunho from 8ROTATION he provided evidence of intimidation after the idol and his label denied the incident was fake.

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On February 8, a netizen claimed that Myungho and his group of friends berated them over a misunderstanding in 2017 when they were freshmen in high school.

In 2017 he was a freshman in high school. The boys in my class played with dry ice. Although the ice had messed up another student’s things, they didn’t bother to clean up the mess and just stood there.

At the moment I had to go to the bathroom so I helped clean up and then left the classroom to go to the bathroom. When I came back I thought, ‘Oh, that was refreshing.’ (Myungho and his group of friends) thought I said that because I told them so and from then on they cursed me when they called me.female dog,”damn bitch,’ and ‘motherless bitch.’ They also threatened to kill me and cursed me for watching them. When my friends told them that there was a misunderstanding and that I hadn’t told them anything, they replied by saying: “We do not care? Just be a victim, be damned, see what it’s like.’

– Internet users

The netizen wrote that even though they reported the group School Violence CommitteeHer teacher stopped her from making the problem worse.

The netizen went on to explain that he was traumatized by the incident and now fears men. The internet user also stated that he had been seeing a psychiatrist for seven years.

I can’t forget the gaze of Ji Myungho and the male students. Because of this trauma, I can’t even talk to men professionally. My body is shaking and I can’t even make eye contact (with men) and I’ve been getting help from a psychiatrist for a couple of years.

– Internet users

After the netizen’s accusation went viral, the idol’s label Entertainmentreleased a statement calling them fake.

Recently, false information about Myungho, including malicious slander, has been circulating on the internet. It is clear that the information published online is incorrect as we have checked and cross-checked the facts in various ways. This will damage the reputation of your name.

We are taking legal action and requesting a case with legal representative to protect our artist’s name from defamation, slander and false factual posts. Even after this period, we will continue to take legal action and enforce strict liability for all actions posted online.

We will respond vigorously with harsh penalties for malicious posts and comments that go beyond malicious dissemination, misinterpretation, or simply expressing an opinion.

– MNH entertainment

On Jan. 9, the netizen responded to MNH Entertainment’s statement, revealing that the agency hadn’t bothered to check with them if the bullying had taken place.

I saw the statement (from MNH Entertainment). They concluded that the allegations were false without checking with the victim and injured the victim again. Help me. Now I feel like I need at least an apology. I still have voice recordings.

– Internet users

The netizen also provided evidence that he attended the same school as the idol, including a yearbook, class photos, an incident report, and text messages from alleged classmates claiming the incident happened.

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User-provided directory image | Nate Pan

User-provided class photo | Nate Pan

Incident report provided by internet user | Nate Pan

Myungho debuted 8TURN on January 30, 2022.

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