AKB48’s Weverse debut sparks outrage among Korean fans

AKB48’s Weverse debut sparks outrage among Korean fans

Korean fans are divided as AKB48, a popular Japanese girl group, is set to join Weverse, a global fan community platform founded by South Korean company HYBE Corporation. The announcement sparked controversy and heated discussions among Korean netizens.

Details on AKB48’s debut on Weverse

(Photo: Twitter)
AKB48’s debut on Weverse sparks outrage among Koreans

AKB48 will officially open its Weverse community on April 27th, direct messages will open on May 2nd. The group is preparing to release their 61st single, 아무래도 널 좋아해(どうしても君が好きだ)”.

Fans can also interact more closely with the band through the platform.

Mixed reactions from Korean netizens

The announcement caused mixed opinions among Korean fans. Some netizens expressed their disbelief and shock, and questioned the decision to have AKB48 on Weverse. One netizen commented, “Is this legit, do I really live to see AKB48 using Weverse?” while another commented, “I really can’t picture it.”

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Others defended the decision, pointing out that Weverse is already home to many foreign artists and is not exclusively for Korean fans. A supportive netizen said, “There are already many foreign singers on Weverse, you are just one of many singers on Weverse,” and another added, “Weverse is accepted all over the world, there are also many foreign fans on the platform .”

Discuss the purpose of Weverse and the role of HYBE

AKB48's debut on Weverse sparks outrage among Koreans

(Photo: Twitter)
AKB48’s debut on Weverse sparks outrage among Koreans

The controversy has also sparked discussions about the platform’s purpose and whether it should be limited to HYBE artists. Some fans were confused, saying, “Isn’t Weverse just for HYBE singers?”

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On the other hand, others pointed out that the platform already hosts many non-HYBE and foreign artists, and pointed out that joining Weverse does not necessarily bind an artist to HYBE. One fan explained, “There are already many foreign and non-HYBE singers on Weverse and joining Weverse does not mean you are related to HYBE.”

Some netizens have also questioned HYBE’s intentions, with some suggesting that the company’s founder, Bang Si Hyuk, has a strong affinity with Japan. One fan remarked, “It’s true that Bang Si Hyuk loves Japan,” and another echoed, “HYBE really loves Japanese.”

Innovative approach and growing influence of AKB48 in Asia

AKB48, a famous Japanese idol group, was formed in 2005 and has since expanded its roster to over 130 members as of December 2015. The group, named after the Akihabara district of Tokyo, was founded by producer Yasushi Akimoto, who sought to create a group with its own theater that would allow fans to attend live performances on a regular basis. This unique “Idols you can meet” concept features rotating teams that can perform at multiple events simultaneously and participate in “handshake” events to allow fans to interact with group members. AKB48 has successfully expanded this concept to sister groups in China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines, with additional groups planned for South Korea, India and Vietnam to bolster its position as the largest idol group in Asia.

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AKB48’s forthcoming debut on Weverse has drawn a wide range of reactions from Korean fans. While some are skeptical and concerned, others see the addition of the Japanese girl group as a natural progression for the global fan community platform. As AKB48 prepares to join Weverse, it remains to be seen how their presence will affect the dynamics of the platform and sentiment of its users.

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