AKB48 joins Weverse! Honda Hitomi “I am very happy and excited” Kpopnews

AKB48 joins Weverse! Honda Hitomi “I am very happy and excited” Kpopnews

Global fandom life platform Weverse launches private chat service “Weverse DM” and official community of Japanese idol group AKB48.

Weverse will open the official community of AKB48 on April 27th and launch the DM service on May 2nd to provide services that allow artists and fans to communicate more closely with each other.

AKB48 is Japan’s top idol group, active since 2005. They have become an idol group representing Japan through fan-attended events such as AKB48 Selection General Election and Request Hour. They are actively involved in various fields such as music, entertainment shows and acting. They will release their 61st single “Doushitemo kimi ga suki da” on April 26th.

There are currently over 80 members in AKB48. 16 members selected for the next single theme song will join Weverse first, and then other members will join one by one. The 16 members who join Weverse first include former IZ*ONE member Honda Hitomi, Yui Oguri, Kashiwagi Yuki, Mion Mukaichi…

Honda Hitomi a dit, “I’m very happy and excited to be able to interact with fans around the world through Weverse.”

Meanwhile, Weverse will be hosting a hashtag posting event from April 28th to May 2nd to commemorate the community launch of AKB48 and Weverse DM. If you leave a welcome message with the hashtag #WELCOME_AKB48 to the AKB48 community, you can receive AKB48’s autographs via a raffle system. The winners will be announced on May 12th via the AKB48 community. In addition, to commemorate the launch of AKB48’s Weverse DM, an event will be held through June 1 to provide an additional number of subscription days when a subscription is paid for. Visit the Weverse community for event details.

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