Aiki on “My Little Old Boy”, “The Son-In-Law I Want To Avoid? Kim Jong Kook. I think I’ll be attracted to him.” • Kpopnews

Aiki on “My Little Old Boy”, “The Son-In-Law I Want To Avoid? Kim Jong Kook. I think I’ll be attracted to him.” • Kpopnews

Dancer Aiki chose Kim Jong Kook as the kind of son-in-law she wants to avoid.

SBS’ April 23 show “My Little Old Boy” featured a performance by an aiki dancer.

On the show, Seo Jang Hoon said: “Aiki has given dance instructions to many strong female celebrities”, mentioning Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyo Ri, Jessi, Hwasa, Kim Yeon Kyung, and Kang Joo Eun. Then he asked “Honestly, which of them was the most difficult to teach?”. Shin Dong Yeop added, “The one that makes you think, ‘She’s so strong’.”

Aiki confessed “It was difficult for me to make eye contact with this person. This is Kim Yeon Kyung. There weren’t many people around me taller than her, so I felt like a kid. It wasn’t easy making eye contact with her.

Seo Jang Hoon pursued, “I understand that Aiki met your husband in his early twenties and decided to marry after seeing him three times. The reason is because you think he’s cool because he lives in Seoul and he has a car.”

In response, the dancer shared, “It was actually a romantic story. I lived in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do. I had a boyfriend after I moved to Seoul. My friend took me to Han river by car. It was actually my dream. After I went on the third date, my husband drove me to the Han River and played guitar for me.

Shin Dong Yeop asked: “Did he play the guitar before the kiss?” Or did you kiss before he played the guitar? “. Aiki shyly confessed, “I think he was playing the guitar before we kissed.”

Notably, Aiki revealed that her parents also married early, adding that she is 18 years younger than her mother. When Seo Jang Hoon asked, “If the age difference is 18, did your mother give birth to you when you were 17?”she reacted “Why did you report this? »


The dancer announced “When we were still together, I brought my husband home without my parents noticing. My mother and father were surprised. At that time I had the impression that I was going to get married very young. When my mother asked me, “Why are you getting married so soon?” I simply replied, “It’s in my genes.”

Seo Jang Hoon commented: “Aiki’s mother is the same age as Shin Dong Yeop”and Shin Dong Yeop responded, “Please don’t say anything”.

Also, Seo Jang Hoon listed all the performers and asked: “Won’t your daughter bring her lover home one day?” So which one makes you think, “I don’t want that type of person to be my son-in-law”? “.

Aiki gave a witty response and said “Can I skip this question?” Or do I have to choose one?”add to “Then I would choose Kje am Jong Kook. I think I will be attracted to him.

Source: Daum

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