Agust D’s ‘Haegeum’, OH MY GIRL’s ‘Miracle’, SEVENTEEN’s ‘FML’, more of this week’s hottest K-pop

Agust D’s ‘Haegeum’, OH MY GIRL’s ‘Miracle’, SEVENTEEN’s ‘FML’, more of this week’s hottest K-pop

It’s already the last week of April, but amazing music releases are still pouring into the K-pop scene. If you’ve been too busy to keep up with the K-pop news, you’ve come to the right place! From Agust D’s “D-DAY” to SEVENTEEN’s “FML” and more, here are the hottest K-pop comebacks of April 4th!

August 1st D’s “D-DAY”

On April 21, BTS Suga revealed his impressive identity as a solo artist under the moniker Agust D.


On this day he released his first official solo album, JOUR D, which completes his three-part series following his mixtapes Agust D and D-2.

Just one day after its release, it sold over 1.07 million copies and became a “million seller”!

2. “Miracle” by OH MY GIRL

To celebrate their 8th anniversary on April 22nd, OH MY GIRL surprised their fans with a new single, “Miracle”, as well as their official MV!


This song is special because the lyrics were written by all six members, thanking their fandom for eight years of relentless love and support.

3. “Nolza” by THE BOYZ

On April 23rd, THE BOYZ proved their popularity not only among teenagers and young adults but also among children after releasing a special song called “Nolza”.

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The song was released to celebrate “Kid Pop Star” Pororo’s 20th birthday and was streamed on major music sites.



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On April 24th, SEVENTEEN returned to the music scene with their 10th mini-album “FML”!

This album really made history as it sold around 4 million copies just one day after its release. This is the highest first-week sales in the K-pop record book, and SEVENTEEN is also the only group to have sold more than 3 million copies on its first day of release!

5. “Schoong!” by BIGBANG Taeyang x BLACKPINK Lisa

When the “King” meets the “Queen”!

On April 25, following “Vibe” with BTS Jimin, Taeyang briefly returned to the K-pop scene with another collaboration song!


This time he dropped “Shoong!”, which stars Lisa, one of K-pop’s top female lead dancers and a member of top girl group BLACKPINK.

“Already! is a free-flowing R&B trap dance B sidetrack that flaunts an addictive melody while its MV showcases the chemistry and exquisite dance skills and charisma of the two big stars.

6. “TANTARA” by iKON

Ahead of the official release of their third full album, TAKE OFF, on May 4th, iKON teased their iKONIC fandom with the performance music video for their sidetrack, “Tantara.”


With its strong hip-hop vibe – reminiscent of their early music – fans are focused on how their musical path and genre will change after leaving YG Entertainment and signing with 143 Entertainment.

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