After The Voice, MB14 explodes in another very famous show

After The Voice, MB14 explodes in another very famous show

The revelation of The Voice season 3, MB14, panics the judges and audiences of yet another iconic show… but not in France.

When Kendji Girac triumphed in Season 3 of The Voice, she also brought to light an incredible talent in the person of MB14. A real revelation of the last few years, he also feels comfortable in the beat box and in singing, to the point that he was even entrusted with the song of the credits. tenor with Michelle Laroque.

After winning in France, MB14 is attacking the rest of the world and the UK side is in earnest today. He performed at the auditions of Britain’s Got Talent and he stunned the jury.

And the jury was not mistaken about the Frenchman’s hallucinating performance and offered him the “Golden Buzzer”, which in the English version is equivalent to a pass to the finale of the show. Although Simon Cowell is known as a difficult juror, he failed to find the words to describe what he was seeing: “Where have you been so far? We should have heard from you! You’re one of those auditions you’ll never forget.

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