After the Interruption I Was Quiet, Now the Shot of Silence Appears, What More?

After the Interruption I Was Quiet, Now the Shot of Silence Appears, What More?

After the incident silence silence he explained, now a new phenomenon is emerging, that is silent shooting as a ‘match’.

If silent dismissal is a way for employees to work according to their quota without going overboard, then silent dismissal is a matter for employers.

A quiet shot is a defensive bomb. This is a strategy that harms vulnerable employees or groups within the company.

Shooting quietly is no different than leaving quietly, it’s not a new thing, it’s just a new era. Quiet firing is a tactic that ‘bosses’ can use to secretly fire their employees.

According to the Washington Post, quiet firings are usually done so that employers do not fire and must provide severance pay and all other rights according to the relevant regulations.

This quiet firing may be due to wages that will not rise, not being given more workers when work accumulates, to create different conditions that can upset workers and and make them feel good. In other words, employees do not enjoy working in the company, so they eventually quit. Do you know this?

This inappropriate strategy, which was later said to have stopped firing, was not to fire the employee directly, but to make the employee leave. Arguably, this is the most powerful way a ‘boss’ can do to dismiss an employee without pleasure and without paying severance pay.

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Izabela Lundberg, an expert on organizational culture and leadership development and founder of the Legacy Leadership Institute, says, “Silent firings are not talked about publicly for a variety of reasons, because it’s just another way of being passive that we see. at employers.”

What are some examples of silent shooting?

Of course, how each leader does it is different. It depends on the person who will be fired.

For example, giving an unwanted job all the time, not adding an employee to an important email thread, excluding them from some meetings to ignore all their ideas.

This phenomenon does not actually focus on top to bottom. The same can happen between employees. For example, discrimination against male workers against female workers. They deliberately exclude women workers from important events in order to make them look bad in the eyes of their superiors.

However, this issue cannot be compared to oppression on the spot. Because it may be that when someone is given the medication of shooting calmly, maybe his actions are still not very good.

Is there a better solution?

Instead of firing employees in private, leaders should address issues directly and openly in meaningful discussions with their employees. During this discussion, work issues should be raised. Even the system outlined on how to continue or leave the company should also be discussed.

The bottom line is, there are more reasonable ways for an employer to deal with poor performance or bad behavior, than firing his employees.

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