After being treated for 2 years and 3 months, a patient of Covid-19 in America died

After being treated for 2 years and 3 months, a patient of Covid-19 in America died

Patient The covid-19 disease An American died at the age of 76. Marc Lewitinn died after being treated for 850 days or about 2 years and 3 months, using a ventilator.

Doctors even said that it seems that Lewitinn is the longest Covid-19 patient to use a ventilator since the outbreak of the disease in 2020.

Citing various sources, Lewitinn’s family initially kept telling him to stay at home since Covid-19 hit. This was done not only because Lewitinn was included in the vulnerable group because of the elderly, but he also had lung cancer and stroke.

The two diseases even left him unable to speak, and doctors warned that older people with similar medical histories were more susceptible to the virus.

At first Levitinn followed all orders to stay at home, but not for long. Levitinn also felt trapped until he went alone to one of the popular coffee shops in his area which was overcrowded.

After visiting this coffee shop, Lewitinn felt lethargic and his oximeter showed that his blood pressure was 85 percent. Lewitinn was immediately taken to the ER at Weill Cornell Medicine, located in Manhattan.

That night, Levitinn tested positive for Covid-19 and as reported by the New York Times, after six days due to low oxygen levels, doctors decided to admit him and Levitinn fell into a coma.

The doctor told him that it is possible that Lewitinn will not live long since he contracted Covid-19. Also, at the beginning of the outbreak, patients with Covid-19 continued to increase and many of them died even though they were young and Levitinn.

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“In the FaceTime group, we begged my dad to fight. We didn’t say goodbye. We said, ‘Keep fighting, dad, you’ll feel better.’ ” said Albert Lewitinn, Marc Lewitinn’s son.

After several days of struggling, his condition improved. But he was too weak to let go of the machine that could hold his breath. Six months later, he also recovered from his asthma and moved to another hospital, near his home in New Jersey.

After 850 days on a ventilator, Lewitinn died of a heart attack on July 23 at Palisades Medical Center in North Bergen. He is 76 years old. His son Albert confirmed his death.

While there are no complete statistics about patients who live on ventilators, medical experts say that Lewitinn can hold the record for a long time. The literature surrounding the disease reports some patients surviving for more than three months, a patient in Alabama making headlines in 2021 when he came off the ventilator after 187 days.

“It’s been a long, hard journey,” Abraham Sanders, one of his doctors at Weill Cornell, wrote in an email. “He was a strong man and a beneficiary of modern health care.”

Murad Albert Lewitinn was born on March 12, 1946, to a Jewish family in Cairo. After the move he changed Murad’s name to Marc.


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