Aespa is commended for providing fair criticism of SM Entertainment Kpop News

Aespa is commended for providing fair criticism of SM Entertainment Kpop News

little entertainmentThe prominent group of the fourth generation, a spaHe is praised by netizens for his statements critical of the label.

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On February 16, the aespa partners Karine, winter, giselleetc from He hosted an impromptu live stream with fans ahead of his next concert.

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During the live stream, the members revealed that they work hard to make sure they put on a great show for their fans.

We decided to do a surprise live stream while we practice for the concert. We will reveal our new song during the show. We work really hard for you. It’s a bit difficult because we’ve been learning several new choreographies since our first concert. We also have a big event for you, so come well rested.

— aespa partner

Winter, reading fan comments, suddenly commented on the price of concert tickets and the fact that it costs fans money to watch the concert online.

What? Do they have to pay to watch online? It’s also expensive (see) online. Costs [/krw]60000[/krw] (viewable online).

– Winter

Other members then chimed in, saying they disagreed with the prices.

Even I’m disappointed (for you).

— aespa partner

The members then messed up their setlist for the concert and ended their livestream with a thank you to the fans.

Thank you for enjoying our live stream. Stay tuned for our concert and eat well and let’s be healthy.

— aespa

Netizens praised the members for criticizing the label and sided with their fans. Some claimed that members looked down on SM Entertainment for its current status.

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  • “You have various reasons for being concerned about your label…”
  • “Wow these newbies are tough LOL.”
  • “It’s so funny (to see) SM artists dropping their labels.”
  • “Is it ₩60,000 KRW (about US$46.50)? The price has gone up, hasn’t it? It is very expensive.”
  • “It’s really expensive, ㅠㅠ. Prices have gone up again.”

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