Actress Charlize Theron says she wants to protect Jisoo from BLACKPINK

Actress Charlize Theron says she wants to protect Jisoo from BLACKPINK

Fans were thrilled to find out NOIRPINKIt is Jisoo would participate again DIORParis fashion week show.

The gorgeous singer has attended numerous events as one of the brand’s global ambassadors, making headlines every time – from her ‘main event’ level. Popularity…

…to her stunning looks that leave everyone who sees her in awe.

For her appearance at the DIOR fashion show, Jisoo wore a beautiful purple dress that carried special meaning and wowed fans and visitors alike.

| @guillaume_bsre/Instagram

One of the contestants appeared to be particularly infatuated with Jisoo, which drove fans mad after the couple’s interaction.

Actor superstar d’Hollywood Charlize Theron was first seen waiting behind Jisoo as the idol spoke to the media at the event, apparently waiting for her chance to speak to the star.

Charlize Theron | @charlizeafrica/Instagram

As soon as she could, Theron had a little chat with Jisoo, inquired about the flight from Korea to Paris, and remarked that Jisoo was “young” and “strong” for the long journey!

The reporters in attendance couldn’t get enough of the couple and made them pose for photos several times.

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The photographers were so excited that Charlize Theron said she was “protecting” Jisoo from them while covering her with her jacket!

Fans couldn’t get enough of the pair and were loving this unlikely new friendship!