Actor Tahar Rahim will play Charles Aznavour

Actor Tahar Rahim will play Charles Aznavour

According to American magazine Variety, French actor Tahar Rahim will play Charles Aznavour in a film that will follow the life of the famous singer

A Charles Aznavour-approved film

This film, slated for release in 2024, will be directed by Grands Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir. The film traces the rise of the singer bohemian from the 1950s. diversity, Jean-Rachid Kallouche, husband of the artist’s daughter and co-producer of the film, would have obtained Charles Aznavour’s approval in 2018 to make a film about his life. Apparently, the Armenian singer liked the film patients, a personal film about the hospital environment produced by Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir in 2016. Co-producer Jean Rachid Kallouche confided that he thought Tahar Rami was the “ideal” actor to play Charles Aznavour, adding that the actor would share “the same sensibility and passion for their work as well as a prankster.” »

It is producers Eric and Nicolas Altmayer who will co-produce this titled film Mr Aznavour, which will begin filming this summer. The directing duo is on their third collaboration, after patients (2016) et student union (2019) with some success. The film’s release marks the centenary of this French-Armenian singer with an extraordinary career. The announcement was made on the front page of L’Olympia on Wednesday 15 February.

Enter Reda Kateb and Tahar Rahim A prophet (2009) by Jacques Audiard

Tahar Rahim, all-around actor

The 41-year-old husband of actress Leila Bekhti is gaining more and more prominence in French cinema. That year he was even named President of the Césars Ceremony, the highest honor for the actor who won the 2010 César for Best Male Hope and Best Actor for his role in a prophet by Jacques Audiard. This intense and moving film had propelled the actor’s career in auteur cinema. We recently saw it on the series The snake who was at Amazon and Netflix, where he plays criminal and gemstone scammer Charles Sobhraj, in Bangkok in the 1970s. His interpretation is amazingly accurate and demonstrates the richness of his acting palette. Finally before he became the actor In Mr Aznavour, The actor will play the main role Napoleona film directed by Ridley Scott that will be released next June.

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