Actor Ryan Reynolds surprises fans with an unexpected take on NewJeans’ TikTok trend ‘OMG’

Actor Ryan Reynolds surprises fans with an unexpected take on NewJeans’ TikTok trend ‘OMG’

It’s safe to say New jeansThe latest release “OMG” is a worldwide hit. The sensational rookies came out in quick succession, leading K-pop fans and locals alike to bunnies (NewJeans fandom).

(L to R) Hyein, Minji, Hanni, Danielle and Haerin from NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Since its debut last summer, NewJeans has garnered celebrity fans among others.

From veteran idols who say NewJeans’ new style reminds them of their own early days, to the many idols and actors who cover the band’s hits, NewJeans have proven to be a rookie bunch to be observed.

| @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Their influence quickly spread around the world and their recent hit “Ditto” propelled the band into the limelight. Billboard Hot 100 listed for the first time just six months after its run.

While NewJeans was nervous at first When they released their B-side “Ditto” ahead of their title track “OMG,” the success of both songs proved they had nothing to fear.

NewJeans breaks record as ‘OMG’ music video surpasses 10 million views in just 58 hours

The band’s songs have been huge hits on and off the charts, many of which have gone viral on the popular social app. TIC Tac.

Outside of the usual “dance challenge” trends, “OMG” found viral sound and unique success cut cap model in the app.


#CapCut CUTE💖 @NewJeans #templatecapcut #trendtiktok #liriklucu #omgnewjeans #newjeans #fyp

♬ Oh my god – NewJeans

TikTok users got creative with the cute CapCut template, and many used it to create an adorable and trendy montage of some of their favorite stars.


#CapCut #OMG #omgnewjeans #newjeans #soul #hakushota #shota #soulp1harmony #p1harmony #p1oneer #p1oneertour

♬ Oh my god – NewJeans


#enhypen #diewiesen #diewiesen

♬ Oh my god – NewJeans

Fans recently stumbled upon what appeared to be a Ryan Reynolds edit using the popular template, but they were surprised to realize it was the actor’s official account.

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| TIC Tac

| TIC Tac

| TIC Tac

Ryan Reynolds used the model with a mix of himself from his 2009 film paperman with bleached blond hair, wearing a superman Costume.

Although most people used the model with someone else’s photos, fans found it amusing that he was basically making a permanent edit of himself.


Productive Monday

♬ Oh my god – NewJeans

While some were surprised that Reynolds would join the trend, it’s not that shocking given his connection to K-pop.

She has already modeled for a photo shoot Hyun A and maintains a touching friendship with him stray kids!

For more information about their friendship, see the following article:

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